Invictus Rex Open Invitational Tournament – Results

Good news first.

First I want to thank everyone who showed up today. The numbers were truly remarkable. And the patience displayed was as well. Over 100 players came to the IR Discord. 80 players organized into 16 platoons. We had a real time scoreboard and tournament coordinators. We had ppl show up who have never used Discord before. (this was both nice to see but created some problems). We had global turn out with even a Japanese platoon, Skyfish, participating.

FJ was represented by Drognin. The enthusiasm and spirit was certainly there to have a great competition.

The bad news.

  • Without intentional queue syncing we were at the mercy of the MM and we waited and waited for 3+ minutes and yet still failed to get into queue against teams. My platoon played our first game about 90 minutes after commencement.
  • Without intentional queue syncing we had teams end up vs the wrong teams from other groups.
  • Without intentional queue syncing we had teams end up vs randoms.
  • Without intentional queue syncing we did extra work to sync with teams who; didn’t have comms, or didn’t speak our same language, or had a bugged platoons we weren’t aware of.
  • The absence of intentional queue syncing stifles any attempt at a competitive game mode in Robocraft and no amount of good intentions or good will from the community is going to be able to compensate for this chasm of basic features the game is currently lacking.

The result was we adapted and went into flex mode syncing whatever teams were available and had comms just to get ppl into games. This worked OK, but it negated the 2nd half of the tournament and unfortunately we never got to an elimination bracket. Which was the whole point after all.

Other aspects from today that held back our progress:

We had many platoons who were not organized, attempted to register late, didn’t have comms setup, had ppl leave and could not find substitutes. To a limited extent, IR can help improve these problems by better communicating expectations prior to the next tournament. But at the same time, a 16 platoon open tournament might be more than the competitive Robocraft scene can accommodate currently.

Thanks again to everyone who participated today. Stay tuned for the next event coming up very soon.

– WorldWarPancakes