[-AC- Event] R-rated 2

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Since the R-rated event worked well last time we want to repeat this and maybe even establish it as monthly event. This is a evening for us adults with a more relaxed atmosphere. A smaller and more mature group of participants will also allow us to play in platoons.
Minor swearing and alcoholic beverages are allowed but we have a team of bouncers that are highly trained in clicking buttons so please make sure you don’t go over the top ;)
During the event the public lobbies will still be open for underaged visitors.

How to enter: If this is your first time participating please go into the “I’m 18+, let me in!” room. We will shortly come to you, all 18+ -AC- members can drag you in.

When you join us please state your ingame-name, age and one fact about you (ingame or real life related), then you will recieve a 18+ tag so you can come in alone again.