[-AC- Event] Crystal Crush or Teamwipe?

A lot of people have tried speedruns in the last days, how fast can you destroy the enemy reactor and end the game? It can be a very effective strategy but it is very risky when there are good players in the enemy team. Completely opposite to that, what happens when you only focus on killing players and don’t touch any crystals unless everyone is dead?

We are going to try both strategies after each other and then maybe against each other to find out what is more important: Focusing on Protonium or players?

When? http://www.timeanddate.com/
Where? https://discord.gg/0uT5AoB4ZB2Qk73A

Who? Everybody is welcome! We will play high CPU.

What? Queuesyncs with special strategies/rules as described above, after that whatever we feel like.