Salvage Crate Reward Changes


Today we’ve implemented an important change to Salvage Crate rewards for team game modes (Elimination, Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch) in Robocraft.

Previously if you topped the scoreboard in any team game mode but your team lost the match, the level of crate you were rewarded would have been limited to below:


This led some players to feel as though their performance wasn’t sufficiently rewarded and that the level of crate they were given at the end of the match was held back by the performance of their team. So… we decided to do something about this.

Today we have implemented a change which now means that crate rewards are based purely on scoreboard* position alone as shown below:


(Note that dying in Elimination still gives only a Rusted or Bronze crate, as giving anything better allows for players to rush to the enemy, gain some score, get destroyed and receive a good crate which leaves their own team a player down)

The scores of the winning team are still doubled at the end of a match as before, but now the calibre of the crate to a player is based on scoreboard placement and nothing else.

Additionally we’ve also increased the score awarded for healing others in battle as well, so that healers feel are suitably compensated for their contribution (but this went live on Friday).

Throughout the weekend we also noticed some reports of players getting the wrong calibre of crates for performance during Team Deathmatch and Elimination matches.With today’s changes we believe these errors have been rectified and we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience called.

*By this we mean your leaderboard position based on your final ‘score’; not kills, damage, deaths, heals or assists.