The Winners Are…

Last week, we wanted to know who would win a Robofood fight and so set you a creative challenge to design a foodbot perfect for a Robocraft food fight. We weren’t looking for overpowered pickled plums or a lasagne fitted out with a lock on missile launcher – we wanted food, glorious food! And you didn’t disappoint.

We had a phenomenal amount of entries which made picking winners even more difficult. The quality and work gone into some of the robots is truly outstanding so we thank you from the bottoms of our now empty ramen bowls for taking the time to create some amazing robots. You’ll find all of the entries in the Community Robot Factory in the game. Please note that you will only see robots that are within the same CPU bracket as you or lower.

Now, due to the sheer volume of submissions, we’ve decided to split the finalists down into the following categories; the winners of which will be announced in descending order.

So without further ado, I’m proud to announce the winners of our first official Design-A-Bot Competition.

Best Complete Meal:

For this category, we were looking at robots that offered the whole kit and kaboodle; we wanted more than just a single food item.

5 – Green Eggs & Ham by etopsirhc

404 – French Cassoulet by Asfodhell

193 – Japanese Lunch by HeppokoPlayer2ch


2 – Breakfast by Morkney


Winner: Fried Rice by Pentagon1994

Best Fruit or Vegetable:

Everyone needs their five-a-day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m not sure a nutritionist would include this collection of fruit-themed robots in their diet.


5 – Pumpkin Patch by Morkney


4 – Flying Watermelon by WILLBOW65432


3 – Pineapple of Doom by Sheep_weilder


2 – Banana Bomber by Gottchar


Winner: Fruit of the Doom GT by Goodtimes_C

Best Fast Food:

Fast Food is most people’s guilty pleasure and comes in many guises from pizzas and hotdogs to sushi and fish and chips. But which fast food bot filled our bellies the most?


5 – Side of Fries by SweetLouHD


4 – Chopstick Sushi by SirGeren

32 3 – Super Size Me by DigitalOne

302 – Pizza!! By MrBoom6009


Winner: Fish+Chips+Mushpea by Preacher84UK

Best Sweet Bot:

One of the most popular categories was ‘Sweet Thing’ with a large proportion of the submissions taking a decidedly ‘donutty’ shape.


5 – Floating Cake by Isetta


4 – Tasty Donut by Rafyfou


3 – Ice Cream Sundae by Morkney


2 – Donuts Win! By Nomad_Trooper



Best Meaty Robot:

We were really impressed with the entries of this category; with many of you thinking outside of the ‘box’. But what was our favourite?


5 – Roast Pig by MaxDTeach


4 – Grill by Textor86


3 – Spiny Lobster by HeppokoPlayer2ch


2 – Pig Roast II by Snazzman


WINNER: Crabs are Food To by Firestarter987

Now, no competition would be complete without handing out some honorable mentions. The following bots grabbed our attention for one reason or another, but didn’t quite cut the proverbial mustard.


Chicken by EvilMustardSeed

6Sugar Cube by MuppetMaster

7Afternoon Tea by Yungsung

8Shopping Cart by javers8

11Nyan Cat by bland94

Best overall:


We were super-impressed by Firestarter987’s use of robot parts to make the claws for this very realistic looking crab complete with eyes and mandibles. While it may not be king of the battlefield, it is the king crab of our competition and has won the accolade of being our next featured robot in the Community Robot Factory (CRF). Remember, you’ll find all of the entries in the Community Robot Factory in the game. Please note that you will only see robots that are within the same CPU bracket as you or lower.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone that participated in the event; we’ll have another one for you soon. Which ones were your favourites? Leave your comments on the forum.