[-AC- Event] R-rated

This is a evening for us adults, hopefully with a more relaxed atmosphere. A smaller and more mature group of participants will hopefully allow us to play in platoons for a while.
Minor swearing and alcoholic beverages are allowed but we have a team of bouncers that are highly trained in clicking buttons so please make sure you don’t go over the top ;)
During the event the public lobbies will still be open for underaged visitors.

Where? https://discord.gg/0uT5AoB4ZB51BqNz

When? http://www.timeanddate.com/

Who? 18+ only, further restrictions may apply.

What? Chilled queuesyncs, good conversations and nice people. Hopefully also platooning. No special theme, we just play together and have fun.

We have a new set of guidelines for ANY of our events besides our normal server rules:


During events or when many people are in the channel please:

  • Don’t talk during countdowns.
  • Listen carefully to instructions by the organizing staff.
  • Avoid taking over the lobby and commenting everything you do and see. If there is 30 people in the room, everybody should have around 1/30th of the time to talk.
  • Read your personal messages between games. If somebody wants to contact you directly, they should be able to do so.
  • Keep things at a reasonable volume, it shouldn’t be a constant screaming from all sides, give the quieter participants a chance to say something too.
  • Only say something if you are not ready (when we ask the whole group) so we can hear people that we need to wait for.