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Apple Just Released A New Update For iOS 12—Get It Now!

With September around the corner, you have to think Apple is now in the home stretch of development on iOS 12. The company on Monday released yet another beta to developers, with more bug fixes and enhancements in tow.

If you’re part of Apple’s developer’s program, you can download iOS 12 beta 7 now; it’s likely the public beta will be available within a matter of hours.

Although it features no major visual changes, iOS 12 is an important update for stability and performance. Apple promises iOS 12 will be faster than ever, particularly when using apps and launching the camera. The company is also introducing a number of new features.

One of the new features includes Screen Time, which provides users with a breakdown of how much they’ve used their phone. Apple’s update also features Memoji, new Animoji, and a Shortcuts feature that’s similar to the popular service IFTTT.

With a big iPhone event likely happening this fall, expect Apple’s new software to also be available by the end of next month.

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