Battle for Earth – Coming Tomorrow!

Battle for Earth – Coming Tomorrow!

Coming tomorrow, Robocraft: Battle for Earth!
Retake earth in our new map and game mode!


New Gamemode – Team Deathmatch!

  • (Existing Team Deathmatch game mode is being kept but is being renamed to Elimination)
  • Team Death match is a 5v5 game mode, with the first team to reach the kill goal winning
  • The kill goal is relative to the CPU bracket of the players. Up to 1000 CPU require 40 kills, 1001 – 1500 CPU requires 35 kills and 1501 – 1750 CPU requires 30 kills
  • If the kill goal isn’t met by either team within 10 minutes, the team with the most kills wins
  • If both teams have the same number of kills at the end of the time limit, the next team to score a kill will win
  • Salvage crates from Team Deathmatch award three normal slots and three premium slots


New Map – Birmingham Power Station!

  • A new map built specifically for the new Team Deathmatch game mode
  • It has been balanced for 5v5 battles, and designed to keep each match high pace
  • The new map takes place on Earth in the lush grassy fields surrounding Birmingham power station..!


New Avatars System

  • Select an avatar which appears next to your name in the mothership, in the load-in screen, in the score screen and over your head in battles
  • 17 default avatars to choose from
  • Premium players can upload their own custom images
  • As a thank you to all existing players, we will be providing a 1-day premium code to upload your own avatars! (tomorrow)
  • Please be aware that we have a 0-tolerance policy with inappropriate avatars being uploaded. Player accounts will be immediately suspended when they’re seen with inappropriate avatars. Please see our Terms of Service for an exact definition of what an ‘inappropriate avatar’ is



  • Elimination (the old TDM game mode) salvage crates now gives two normal loot slots and two premium loot slots (up from one of each)
  • Platoons now support five people instead of four. The fourth and fifth platoon slots require one member of the party to have premium to be unlocked (but only one person in the platoon needs premium)
  • Anti-seal clubbing mechanics have been added. New players will be restricted to Single Player, (the new) Team Deathmatch and Test mode. Battle Arena and Elimination will be unlocked at Player Level 10. Furthermore, players of levels 1 – 10 entering Team Deathmatch will be matchmade against other players of levels 1 – 10 to protect against high level players using smaller robots to prey on them
  • All game modes now have 10 seconds of super-fast autoheal (essentially invulnerability) upon spawning and respawning
  • Tesla power consumption has been reduced (buff). Tesla Ripper now takes 6 seconds to run out of power (up from 4 seconds), Tesla Nova now takes 3 seconds to run out of power (up from 1 second)
  • The Ghost Module can no longer be activated or deactivated while your robot is rectifying. This is to match other weapons and modules which are not active while rectifying
  • Sexy new Battle for Earth splash screen added to the login page
  • Ukraine and Russian prices have been increased as they were dramatically lower than western prices
  • The Power Module’s resistivity and barrier protection has been set to the same as the other modules
  • Increased the VISUAL explosion of some of the smaller plasmas to match the increase to explosion radius made in a recent previous patch
  • Audio for Thruster Cheetah has been improved
  • Server side improvements have been made to improve stability when a high number of players are online at once



  • Switched the Mech Leg Giant and Mech Leg Talos thumbnail images as they were the wrong way around
  • Fixed a bug which caused plasma projectiles (just the projectile, not the trail behind it) to appear sideways when the Plasma Launcher rotated – No impact on actual gameplay but it looked a little silly
  • Rails have once more regained their penetrative property meaning they will deal their damage in three separate, instantaneous bursts allowing it to penetrate into a robot
  • Fixed a bug which caused the first crate in a purchased bundle to show the premium slots as being locked when they’re not
  • Fixed a bug which caused some messages to randomly not be seen by some members in a chat lobby