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8 vs 8 Elimination Battlegrounds OUT NOW

Robocraft’s latest BRAWL, Elimination Battlegrounds, has been upgraded and overcharged with a new 8 versus 8 player count! Formerly this game mode was 5 versus 5 only.

Carbon 6 Sprinter Legs – Out Now!

Since we released the original Sprinter Legs back at the end of September last year, we’ve often been asked for a carbon 6 variant. Well, our talented art team have...

Clan Season 5 Summary

We know many of you are interested in seeing how well your clan performed against other clans. So, here for your enjoyment are the best performing clans from March’s Clan Seasons.

The Return of Unranked – Out Now!

We’ve rolled back the Robocraft clocks and putting some much community-requested features back into the game. If you follow our game director Mark Simmons on Twitter, you’ll already know that...