Chat Channels

These are in-game chat channels for Robocraft

This is not a complete list of channels, just ones submitted to RobocraftHQ in some way

General NameDescriptionJoin Command
Help ChannelThis server is for getting quick in-game help!/join Help
English Great BritainOfficial channel for English speaking players/join enGB
English United StatesOfficial channel for American speaking players/join enUS
FrenchOfficial channel for French speaking players/join frFR
GermanOfficial channel for German speaking players/join deDE
ItalianOfficial channel for Italian speaking players/join itIT
PolishOfficial channel for Polish speaking players/join piPL
PortugueseOfficial channel for Portuguese speaking players/join brPG
RussianOfficial channel for Russian speaking players/join ruRU
SpanishOfficial channel for Spanish speaking players/join spSP
DutchOfficial channel for Dutch speaking players/join ndND
Simplified Chinese
Official channel for Simplified Chinese/join 中国(简体)
Traditional Chinese
Official channel for Traditional Chinese/join 中國(繁體)
Official channel for Japanese/join 日本語
English AustraliaCommunity made channel for Australians/join enAU
BronzeChat channel for Bronze rank players/join Bronze
SilverChat channel for Silver rank players/join Silver
GoldChat channel for Gold rank players/join Gold
DiamondChat channel for Diamond rank players/join Diamond
ProtoniumChat channel for Protonium rank players/join Protonium
Protonium 5Chat channel for Protonium 5 rank players/join Protonium5
ClansFor clan promotion and recruitement/join Clans
StreamStream stuffs/join Stream
GeneralGeneral stuffs/join General
EliminationCommunity queue-syncing channel for the gamemode Elimination/join ELIMsync
Team Death MatchCommunity queue-syncing channel for the gamemode Team Death Match/join TDMsync
PitCommunity queue-syncing channel for the gamemode Pit/join PITsync
LeagueCommunity queue-syncing channel for the gamemode League Arena/join LEAGUEsync
Battle ArenaCommunity queue-syncing channel for the gamemode Battle Arena/join BAsync