Invictus Rex Open Invitational Tournament

Invictus Rex and Freejam are proud to announce the second Invictus Rex Open Invitational Tournament.

Game mode: 5v5 Team Deathmatch

Date/Time: Sunday June 12th @ 12 pm EST

Place: Invictus Rex Discord Server

Registration will open one hour ahead of time on Sunday, June 12th at 3pm UTC/11pm EST. Platoons are encouraged to form in advance, but this is not required. Single players who arrive during registration will be allowed to form platoons.

Tournament format: Round-robin bracket will feed single-elimination semifinal/final. This will allow every platoon to enjoy the maximum number of games win or lose. During the round robin if both teams are tied after 10 mins both get a loss.

  • 1st – 60 days of Premium + 65 Crates
  • 2nd – 30 days of Premium + 25 Crates
  • 3rd – 7 days of Premium + 12 Crates

Hope to see you there! – Vvatts

Very happy to see another tournament :)
The new TDM game mode brings with it a far more competitive environment which can easily be populated with only platoons.
Glad to see IR willing to take the organization of the event upon themselves to help develop the competitive scene!

On an added note, I will be giving away 7-days of premium to anyone willing to record all of their battles during the tournament (with some requirements in regards to quality etc..) and send them over to me. I’ll reveal more info on that closer to the tournament. – Drognin