RobocraftGarage Legendary Racers – Update

As the time draws near the long awaited Legendary Racers event will begin!

RobocraftHQ has brought out some new features specifically for this event and will also be bringing you up to speed on some event updates!

First of all the event is coming alone very well, with over 95 bots approved so far it looks like this will be a fantastic event!

RobocraftHQ has rolled out a new widget on the of the right sidebar which is visable on the homepage and in posts!

This displays the American and Australian timezone countdowns roughly when the event will start give or take a few minutesIMG_20160610_014832

We’ve also added a new feature specifically for this event which will display a popup on the site while the event is in progress! You’ll be able to close the popup and it will only appear while the event is active.


We look forward to seeing all the amazing racers and their bots, best of luck to all the competitors and may the best racer win!