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/r/Robocraft turns 3 years old!

Congratulations to the Robocraft Subreddit! Discuss this on /r/robocraft! (Note: Mobile users will not see the image above)

March of the Micro Bots event

Participate and discuss the event on the Soul Squad discord below: (Note: Mobile users will not see the info image above and should switch to desktop view)

Roboclans Alpha Update

Earlier this week we released our latest update Roboclans Alpha; bringing the first phase of the much-requested Clans functionality and improved social/chat system to Robocraft. We’re incredibly excited about Roboclans Alpha... Forum re-organisation Forum re-organisation

Hey everyone, Just in case you visit the forums tomorrow and think ‘where has X gone’ or ‘oooh where did that come from’, we wanted to give you a heads-up...

EMP and DSM Idea by Khoakuma

My ideas to buff EMP and DSM by adding extra utility – By Khoakuma   Discuss this idea on /r/Robocraft!