Community QoL Vote #2


Community Quality of Life Vote #2!!!

Last time we had our quality of life vote, over 15,000 people voted with the winner being the recently implemented Smart Weapons! Now that the last vote has been completed as promised, it’s time to run the second quality of life vote!

For this of you who weren’t around for the first vote, a quality of life feature is something in the game that make your life that bit easier. Examples of existing quality of life features are things like mirror mode, cube count in edit mode and the recently implemented smart weapons. So it’s all about YOU and what makes YOUR life easier when playing Robocraft. So all the more reason you should tell us what new quality of life features will make your life the easiest!

Below you can find a voting sheet with ten quality of life features gathered from community suggestions that aren’t in Robocraft yet. Vote on them by dragging and dropping them into the list on the right by order of importance. Items at the top of your list are things you consider most important and items at the bottom of the list are things you consider least important.

Once voting ends on Monday 27th at 10:59am (UTC+1), we will share the vote distribution for everyone to see. We will then prioritize the top voted feature for release at the soonest possible update. Remember, some features will take longer to implement than others but once the top voted feature is in the game, another vote will be run to decide the next quality of life feature to be added to Robocraft!