RoboCrash… The game?

Recently the amazing Bronze_Johnson who brought you RoboCrash made a post in the RobocraftRefugees Sub reddit linking to his game-like version of RoboCrash saying;

It seems like you guys are looking for a game to play. I don’t have anything complete and ready to go on steam but y’all may be interested. I’m the guy who made the external building tool for Robocraft (Robocrash). I’ve turned it into a game of my own where you build, battle, and board allied and enemy airships. You can check out my alpha build where you can build and pilot ships solo or in privately hosted lobbies. Ships can be destroyed but players are invincible.

– Bronze_Johnson

Above you can see some screenshots of the game itself so far. Below you’ll find a link to the download and reddit posting as well!