[Ti26 Event] Birmingham Power Plant Field Excursion

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<<<Incoming Transmission>>>

Salutations, receiver.

As you may know, Birmingham Power Plant is about to become a warzone. The E14 and the CF-Alliance are about to move their quarrel to Earth.
To us, as Tharsis Institute, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the implications.

One: There will be a new fighting ground. This means new contracts, new places for most of us to drive our robots around.
Two: The war will have salvage goods available. This is an economical opportunity for all of us.

We, the Tharsis Institute, therefore have two goals in mind.

  1. To keep our main goal as the Institute in mind, we will be collecting data on the Birmingham area. We will be evaluating its tactical potential.
  2. To keep our funding well, we will be collecting salvage.

Should you choose to accept our request from you, we request that you, at the end of the field excursion, turn in a report on Tharsis Institute frequencies concerning the data you collected on the map, ideally in a group of five members. If you cannot find a five-man group, Tharsis Institute frequencies are open for people to search for groups.

Combat will be inevitable, as many other groups may have the same idea as us. In this case: Weapons are cleared for engagement of hostile forces.

The salvage parties will begin on Saturday, June 4, Earth Time US Central (GMT-6:00) 2:00 PM.

Good luck.

Tharsis Institute Leader

<<<Transmission End>>>

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