Recording with Fraps

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I’ve noticed  for along time that RCHQ has been getting visits from Fraps tech support threads in Robocraft.
I used to provide a link to a download for a full free version for Fraps but removed it after a while.

As most have noticed Fraps doesn’t record Robocraft. Why? Older versions of Fraps do not contain an update certificate. In the newer latest ones they contain an updated certificate which contains new binary signatures.

But i have 3.5.99 already?
The Fraps developer didn’t incresse the software version, all he did was change the download on the site to contain the updated binaries etc.

So how do i get my Fraps working on Robocraft again?
Redownload the latest version of Fraps here. Also make sure you have a 2016 certificate.

How do i check what my Fraps certificate is?

  1. Open up your fraps folder. By default it’s located in: C:Fraps
  2. Right click on Fraps32 (DLL File) and click Properties
  3. Open the Digital Signatures tab
  4. Click on the Beepa Pty LTD and click Details
  5. Click View Certificate and check the Valid From details.
  6. If it’s not valid in 2016 or past you need to re-download it.

That’s all, if you have further questions/concerns etc you can contact me on the Contact Us page!