5 best features of the Honor 50

(Pocket-lint) – The Honor brand was previously associated with Huawei, a company that had been blacklisted by the US. However, the Honor brand has recently been extricated from Huawei and taken over by a group of independent buyers. Because of that move, Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite have access to Google Mobile Services, including Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Play Store.

The Honor brand has also shifted its primary focus. It was previously focused on producing low-end products, but it’s now more concerned with mid-to-high-end products. Previously, the Honor 10 Lite was available for approximately £150, whereas the recently-launched Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite are available for £449.99 and £249.99, respectively.

Even though Honor 50 has a mid-range price, its features and capabilities can compete with the best flagship devices available. Below, we highlight Honor 50’s most noteworthy features, but be sure to check it out at Currys if you’re interested in buying the phone.

Dual-circle with four rear lenses

The Honor 50 has an extremely unique dual-circle camera bump to accommodate four rear lenses. The first circle features the primary 108-megapixel camera, whereas the second circle features three smaller lenses – 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, 2-megapixel bokeh, and 2-megapixel macro. The primary 108-megapixel lens takes impressive shots with an f/1.9 wide aperture and a 1/1.52″ sensor.

The diversity of lenses allows you to take a wide range of shots in different settings and lighting conditions with optimal clarity. The pictures are always crisp and clear, and the AI processing sharpens the images to capture more details. Furthermore, the camera’s inbuilt 10x zoom allows you to focus on extremely distant objects even in low-light and foggy conditions.

32-megapixel selfie camera

The Honor 50 is primed to become a selfie smartphone because of its impressive 32-megapixel front camera. The front-facing camera features a 32MP lens within a circular notch at the top of the display screen. It features a 90-degree viewing angle, making it perfect for selfies that capture more of your environment than most typical front-facing cameras.

Besides the impressive camera, the phone also features unique selfie features for beautifying your images without making them seem unrealistic. You can also toggle how much of the filter you want to use. This feature allows you to take pictures with the exact specifications you prefer, so you don’t have to spend time on post-processing.

Picture-in-picture mode

The Honor 50 is ideal for content creators — nothing proves that more than the picture-in-picture mode or the automatic dual-view recording. These features allow you to overlay the view from your front camera onto the video of the rear camera. You can place the two visuals side-by-side or overlay a small front view over the larger rear view.

Until now, most content creators needed to take two separate videos to capture images and videos with both cameras, and they needed to overlay the images/ videos in post-processing. Furthermore, since the two videos are taken separately, it prevents content creators from capturing their real-time impressions and reactions to events.

Thanks to the Honor 50’s picture-in-picture mode, content creators can capture videos of certain events while simultaneously capturing their reactions. Furthermore, they can upload the video to their social media platforms without any editing or processing, saving considerable time and energy. As such, the Honor 50 is sure to become a favorite amongst content creators. 

70% charge in 20 minutes

The Honor 50 features a 4,300-mAh battery that can be charged via a 66-watt wired charger. According to Honor, you can complete 70 percent charge within 20 minutes and 100 percent within 45 minutes. Furthermore, you can easily make the phone last an entire day with moderate use, such as calls, texts, a few videos, and internet browsing. As such, the Honor 50 is sure to make battery fears a thing of the past.

Powerful Snapdragon 778G processor

The Honor 50 has an excellent 120Hz refresh rate, which makes app transitions and webpage scrolling extremely smooth and seamless. The Snapdragon 778G processor is powerful enough to keep up with graphics-heavy projects, such as editing apps, 4K videos, and gaming. Furthermore, the Snapdragon 778G processor is paired with 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM, both available at different price points.

It boasts the ideal combination of amazing front- and rear cameras, a powerful processor, amazing battery life, and a modern design sensibility. And now that it’s equipped with Google services, it poses a serious threat to other Android smartphones on the market.

Grab the Honor 50 from Currys today to take advantage of all these superb features and many more.

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