6 new TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu this weekend

Another weekend indoors means another weekend spent watching Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services. Luckily, the pace at which new stuff arrives on these streaming services means there's always more to watch. This weekend, you've got comedies, documentaries and award-winning movies to enjoy.

If you're looking for other stuff to watch this weekend, in the US you can watch a whole heap of HBO shows on HBO Now right now for free, including Succession, its best new series of the last five years. Meanwhile, the mobile-only streaming service Quibi just launched around the world with a generous 90-day trial and lots of bite-sized programming to devour.  

Below, we've picked out six highlights that are new to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more this weekend. 

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1. Brews Brothers (Netflix)

From the creators of FX's well-liked sitcom The League, Brews Brothers is a comedy about two very different brothers managing a brewery together. We've not seen it yet, and The Guardian hated it, but Netflix is always in need of more network-style comedies. And let's face it, the pretentious culture of the craft beer scene needs taking down a peg, even if right now we'd rather be in a pub more than anywhere else.

Now streaming on Netflix

2. Love Wedding Repeat (Netflix)

If that title makes you groan, wait until you hear the premise (which, to be honest, is strongly hinted at by that title). Jack (Sam Claflin) has to relive his sister's wedding over and over again, which itself sounds like hell, and must ensure that his sibling's special day goes off without any problems. At the same time, he tries to woo Dina (Olivia Munn), a rediscovered crush he fell for long ago. Netflix describes it as 'innovative'. We'll see about that, but it seems wholesome enough for fans of romantic comedies. 

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3. LA Originals

This great-looking documentary is about artists Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol, and the permanent effect their work had on the aesthetics of hip-hop in LA. Check out the trailer above. It promises to take us deep into the recent history of American music, and the talking heads in LA Originals include Eminem and Snoop Dogg. 

Now streaming on Netflix

4. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Hulu and Mubi)

Acclaimed French film Portrait of a Lady on Fire has been on Hulu for a little while now, but it's just released on Mubi in the UK (try 7 days for free here). Set in the 18th century, it's about the then-taboo feelings shared between a painter and the wealthy woman she's attempting to paint. It's a gorgeous-looking film that won two awards at Cannes in 2019. 

Now streaming on Hulu (US) and Mubi (UK)

5. Parasite (Hulu)

This Oscar-sweeping Korean movie is about a poor family that becomes tangled in the lives of a much richer family. It's a prescient film that focuses on universal class themes, and has a lot to say about how wealth warps morals and humanity. It entirely deserved the Best Picture win at the Academy Awards. 

Parasite has just hit Hulu in the US, and it's a must-watch. Sadly, UK viewers can't stream Parasite just yet because it took so damn long to release in cinemas, but you can preorder it on Amazon digitally. 

Now streaming on Hulu

6. Fleabag stage show (Amazon Prime Video)

best amazon prime shows

Fleabag fans will want to check out this stream of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's stage show, which sold out in 2019. You'll have to pay extra to rent this on Amazon Prime in the US and UK this weekend, but it's raising money for charities dealing with Covid-19 (and the NHS in the UK). Getting to the theater is expensive and out-of-reach to a lot of people, so this is a win-win for everyone. 

Now available to rent on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK

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