7 Nifty Android Apps That Make Great Use of Your Location


If you think that the location features on your Android phone are only for Google Maps, think again.

While you’ve probably used your location to hail a ride with Uber or navigate to a destination, there are tons of lesser-known apps that offer handy functionality based on your whereabouts. Here are seven of them.

1. Task Nearby

Do you often forget to check your car’s tire pressure at a gas station or pick up eggs on a grocery run? You need this app.

Task Nearby, as the name suggests, is a productivity app that can remind you about a task whenever you’re close to a location. It has a straightforward interface and even allows you to add details including images, descriptions, and more.

You can set multiple reminders simultaneously and even listen to them. This is handy if you know you won’t be able to read when you’re driving. While Task Nearby is a free download, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version for premium features like attachments, repeatable alarms, and more.

Download: Task Nearby (Free, premium version available)

2. MapPost

Think of MapPost as Pocket for locations. The app lets you attach links to a location so you can revisit them whenever you’re at that address.

Say you came across a list of the best restaurants in Dallas. Instead of just bookmarking it, you share the link on MapPost. Next time you’re in Dallas, you can simply fire up the app and have a look at all the links you’ve saved for the location. Even better, MapPost has a web client so can view these links on your computer as well.

For more like this, check out some other Pocket alternatives.

Download: MapPost (Free)

3. Alarm-Me

Have you ever wanted an app that wakes you up as soon as you’re near your bus stop? Meet Alarm-Me, an app through which you can set up location-based alarms.

To configure one, all you need to do is define the coordinates and select how would you like your alarm to go off. You can have it play only in your headphones or even send an automated message like “I’ll be there soon” to one of your contacts. In addition, the app can also remind you to set the alarm every day, which can come in handy if you have a long commute.

We’ve covered other Android alarm apps if this one doesn’t work for you.

Download: Alarm-Me (Free, premium version available)

4. Microsoft Path Guide

Microsoft’s Path Guide is an indoor navigation service that lets anyone map indoor spaces to share with others. You’ll find several scenarios where Path Guide can prove useful.

If you’re expecting a visitor and want to guide them to your office in a huge building, it’s a huge help. Path Guide can also make it easy to locate your vehicle in a parking lot.

To map a new location, you need to walk along the path from the starting point towards the end and the app will automatically trace your steps and build an extensive guide. You also have the option to add voice inputs or text at various steps to further make it easier for others to follow.

The app can even log floor levels and uses sensory data instead of GPS to ensure accurate outcomes indoors.

Download: Microsoft Path Guide (Free)

5. Jodel

Jodel is a hyper-local question-and-answer app for locals to stay up-to-date with the community. Thinks of it like Reddit for your town, or a Yik Yak alternative Stay Anonymous Online With the 5 Hottest Yik Yak Alternatives Stay Anonymous Online With the 5 Hottest Yik Yak Alternatives If you miss the anonymity or the simplicity of the now-defunct Yik Yak, here are the best alternatives that you should check out. Read More .

You can ask questions relevant to a specific neighborhood, like what the best burger joint is or the best detour around construction. The app also can also connect you with people who live nearby.

Jodel can even be a convenient tool for travelers who want to blend in with the locals and learn more about the native culture.

Download: Jodel (Free)

6. Detour

Touring a new city can be challenging if you don’t have a local guide with you. Detour wants to help.

The app offers immersive audio guides that walk you through a range of popular destinations. Once you’ve selected an area to browse, Detour will begin narrating the landmarks around you as you stroll by them. In addition, the app has a social feature that allows you to share the experience with a friend.

Here’s how it works: each audio guide has a starting point. Once you reach that, the app will commence narration and have a list of the upcoming sites in case you’re lost. You can also download these files in case of a patchy network.

So far, Detour is available in seventeen cities including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Barcelona, and more. It’s just one of the apps you need while traveling the world.

Download: Detour (Free, premium version available)

7. Polarsteps

Here’s another app designed for travelers. It’s capable of automatically tracking your trips and logging them in a visually appealing way. Whenever you’re about to embark on a vacation, just add a new entry and Polarsteps will do the rest in the background. You can, of course, manually modify these trips and even add pictures, descriptions, and similar.

Polarsteps is also a social platform, so you can share these journeys with others and even allow friends to follow your trips. The developer behind Polarsteps also mentions that the app only consumes an additional four percent of your phone’s battery. This is quite commendable, considering it’s constantly active in the background.

Another important travel aspect that Polarsteps nails is connectivity. The app can function offline and syncs the data as soon as you’re back online.

Download: Polarsteps (Free)

Utilize Your Mobile Location Smartly

These seven apps help you use your location in all-new ways. While these they can be extremely handy, we do recommend being mindful of how you use them.

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