A baseball catcher’s best defense is a safe helmet

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It takes a brave person to play catcher. The head needs the most protection from a baseball’s impact, so a quality helmet and mask are the most critical items of the catcher’s gear. Picking the right helmet needs serious consideration and due diligence. That is why we have taken the time to review and recommend the safest options available.

EastonRival catchers helmetEastonRival catchers helmet

Durable shield:
Easton Rival catcher’s helmet

Staff Pick

This selection from Easton has a strong steel face mask, offering excellent protection without limiting the field of vision. It also extends over the chin for extra defense and comes with NOCSAE approvals. The interior also helps with wallop protection, padded with comfortable impact-diffusing, multi-layered tech foam. Its finishing details boast a modern-looking rubberized matte finish and well-placed air vents for proper circulation.

$60 at Amazon

MizunoG4 catchers helmetMizunoG4 catchers helmet

Best for youth:
Mizuno Samurai G4 youth catcher’s helmet

The Mizuno Samurai G4 was engineered for optimal performance. It offers enduring foam protection with an adjustable pad in the jaw area for a better fit. With plenty of ventilation holes, this helmet is suitable for youths playing on hot and humid days. It also comes with the NOCSAE approval.

$80 at Amazon

WilsonPrestige catchers helmetWilsonPrestige catchers helmet

Best on budget:
Wilson Prestige catcher’s helmet

Made by a long-standing baseball brand, the Wilson Prestige helmet offers maximum protection with a premium-grade ABS shell and lots of strategic ventilation. The steel mask extends to the chin area, and the helmet comes in a variety of sizes. This model also meets NOCSAE protection standards.

$51 at Amazon

AllstarPro catchers helmetAllstarPro catchers helmet

Premium level:
All Star PRO model headwear

This sharp-looking helmet has a matte gloss finish, but its hard ABS shell is what really makes it a sound choice. It has an Ultra Cool mesh liner to provide extreme protection while maintaining comfort. The padding and patented I-Bar Vision face mask ensures maximum field sight and protection. This is one of the best lightweight helmets to consider.

$140 at Amazon

MizunoWomen catchers helmetMizunoWomen catchers helmet

Best for female catchers:
Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch women’s softball catcher’s helmet

Here’s a helmet made especially for female athletes. The mask, made from thin steel bars, offers maximum protection and increased visibility. The ventilation holes are strategically placed for extra comfort and airflow. Meeting NOSCAE standards, the Mizuno Samurai helmet fits all the requirements of style, comfort, and function.

$110 at Amazon

Keep your head and stay cool

The game of baseball is played when it’s hot and muggy. The catcher needs to stay cool and alert to affect the game’s outcome. To get the best combination of head safety and airflow, our staff pick is the Easton Rival catcher’s helmet. Its protective design is comprised of a strong ABS shell, foam padding, and a strong steel face-shielding mask.

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