Amazon Fire HD 8 2022 Unveiled: Faster CPUs and Tap to Alexa

Amazon keeps on unveiling new products, so after debuting a brand new Kindle this month, now it comes up with a new batch of Fire HD 8 tablets. We’re dealing with 3 models: Fire HD 8 2022, Fire HD 8 Plus 2022, Fire HD 8 Kids 2022. The details are below.

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet lineup comes with a 30% faster processor and more storage. The other novelty is called Tap to Alexa, which is a new feature that lets users interact with the virtual assistant sans voice commands. You just tap the app icon and it opens commands like setting up an alarm, timer or asking for the weather. All 3 models have an 8 inch screen with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution and some rather thick bezels.

The Fire HD 8 and Kids Edition feature 2 GB of RAM, as well as 32 GB or 64 GB of storage, plus a microSD card slot. They also have two 2 MP cameras, one at the front and one at the back side. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is bundled with shockproof casing and 2 year worry free guarantee, plus a one year subscription to the Amazon Kids Plus service. Fire HD 8 Plus brings forth 3 GB of RAM, compared to the 2 GB on the regular model, plus a 5 MP back shooter.

It charges faster at up to 15W, assuming you have the proper adapter and cable, plus support for wireless charging. The battery life on these 3 tablets is rated at 13 hours of mixed usage.

Amazon Fire HD 8 is available in black, blue and pink. The basic version starts at $99, while the Fire HD 8 Plus is priced at $119. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition costs $149.99.

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