Amazon May be Working on Foldable Amazon Kindle Devices With Color Screens

It appears that all big companies are now working on foldable devices, including Amazon. However, instead of launching a foldable phone, a clamshell or other such device, the company is working on a foldable Kindle with a color screen. That means we’re about to get a foldable ereader.

It will also be a color screen ereader, which makes the product all the more exclusive. The company E Ink already has a few panels that can display colors and the latest breakthrough was achieved with the E Ink Gallery 3. Its full color ink platform series can be offered for an enhanced reading and shopping experience for eBooks. There’s also colorful document viewing and editing in eNotes.

E Ink’s Gallery 3 panel includes a four particle ink system: cyan, magenta, yellow and white, pretty much the way that LCDs get their colorful pixels. The new color E-Ink screen can re fresh black and white pages at 350 ms, plus there 3 are modes for color: a fast 500 ms mode, a standard 750-1000 ms mode and the best color reproduction mode, that takes about one a half seconds to update. It sounds like forever, but the technology keeps evolving and a few years ago it was at 10 seconds.

The thing that got us going with the foldable thing is that E Ink has included a demo image of an 8 inch foldable color screen and even a rollable in its press materials. They’re also ready to showcase the goods in real life during this week’s Touch Taiwan 2022 event, taking place between April 27 and the 29th. Honestly, to me all of these sound like ereaders are about to get a whole lot more expensive.

A foldable Kindle would actually make sense, since it would finally take up less space than a regular notebook or booklet.

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