Android 11 brings a whole heap of gaming controllers into the fold with button mappings

It might not be the case that Android 11 is completely out in the wild, but it’s getting ever closer to that point, and the latest public beta has given people plenty of information and changes to dig into. 

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It looks like alongside the subtle design changes and additions that generally come with an OS update like 11, Google’s also been paying some attention to the cries of mobile gamers. 

The team at XDA Developers has uncovered a list of third-party gaming controllers that have newly been given button mapping in Android 11 – meaning that connecting them to an Android 11 phone will automatically shift them to a button layout that works properly. 

This controller mapping had already arrived in previous versions for some of the most mainstream controllers on the market, the likes of the Xbox One Wireless Controller and Dualshock 4, but there are countless more affordable options that aren’t so easily connected at present. 

That may change with this list, though, which accounts for 84 different controller models, including devices from big names in the peripherals world including Razer, Mad Catz, PowerA and Hori among others. 

That takes the list of controller remappings from 50 up to 134, a great bump that should make some mobile gamers’ lives a tad easier when Android 11 deploys to their phones. 

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