Apple addressing iPhone battery percentage indicator complaints in iOS 16.1

(Pocket-lint) – With iOS 16, Apple finally introduced a battery percentage indicator for the iPhone, allowing you to always see a specific battery fill level numerically. It was a long time coming, but it hasn’t been perfectly executed. 

While the iPhone percentage indicator allows you to read the specific level, the fill level in the battery icon remains the same constantly. At a glance, it always looks full until you drop below 20 per cent, at which point it drops and turns red. 

In the iOS 16.1 beta, however, it appears that Apple is addressing this issue, and will show both the percentage and a fill level in the icon behind it. 


The change was spotted in the second beta of iOS 16.1 by 9to5Mac and – as well as including the fill level indicator – has bolder text to make it easier to read.  Another small change is that when on charge, once the iPhone hits 100 per cent, it no longer shows the charging lightning indicator. 

What’s more, iOS 16.1 will be bringing the percentage indicator to more iPhone models that didn’t get it with the official iOS 16 release. Namely, the iPhone XR and iPhone 12 mini. 

If this beta implementation makes it to the official version of iOS 16.1 when it eventually lands, you’ll be able to see the indicator by heading to Settings > Battery and switching on the percentage indicator. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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