Apple Preparing 16 Inch iPad for Q4 2023 Launch

Apple is now said to be preparing a new iPad format for 2023. It will be a 16 inch tablet apparently, one that will debut in Q4 2023. Right now the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is the biggest iPad available, one with an Apple M2 processor inside. A new report from The Information says that there will be an even larger screen iPad in 2023.

This report claims that Apple is working on a 16 inch iPad Pro model with a mini LED panel, slated for a debut in Q4 2023. This device is a niche one targeted towards graphic designers and artists, who will have a larger canvas for their products. The info says that the 16 inch iPad will blur the line between laptop and tablet in Apple’s ecosystem. There have also been leaks and reports talking about 14 inch and 16 inch iPads being in the making over at Apple.

There were comments made last December by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who claimed that Apple was working on a 15 inch iPad. Gurman had a different take on the product. Instead of saying that Apple was thinking about a larger screen iPad Pro as a laptop rival, he claimed that Apple did not have a smart display device in its lineup. He was seeing the iPad Pro 15 incher as a sort of Amazon Echo Show 15 rival.

Then earlier in October he mentioned that Apple was considering releasing a standalone device, that combines the iPad with a smart speaker hub. He also talked about Apple working on a dock accessory, that an iPad could be placed on, keeping the Amazon and Google style approach. Honestly I believe more in the graphic design 16 inch tablet…

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