Apple to debut A14X chips based on M1 on new iPad Pros Apple iPad Pro

After early reports of the upcoming iPhone 13, now Apple appears set to launch its next range of iPad Pros in April with its M1 chips. This is in addition to some features that have already been teased about the new iPads. 

The new chip which is apparently based on the Apple M1 chips which are made for the newest MacBook laptops and Mac mini desktops. The new chip, apparently called the A14X will be featured in the new iPad Minis.

This piece of information was reported by 9to5Mac, where it states that the A14X chip was discovered in the code of the fifth iteration of the iOS 14.5 beta. As for the GPU that goes with this chip, it is apparently called the 13G, and seems in line with how Apple names its GPU chip codenames. 

A deep dive in the code has also apparently revealed that Apple might be working on four new iPad models which have been code names J517, J518, J522, and J523. 

One of the most prominent rumors about the upcoming iPads is that it will have a Mini LED screen. This is set to be a type of LCD screen but will offer improved contrast ratio and color reproduction over standard LCD displays. It’s also less likely to suffer screen burn-in than OLED, which is currently the display type of choice on high-end phones.

The first time this rumour surfaces was back in April 2020, and the rumor has keep reappearing since. One of the sources had even claimed that the tech will go into production either at the end of the first quarter of 2021 or in the second quarter.

That same source had supposed that it would be for both the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro 2021 models. But we suppose we have to wait for the launch to confirm this. 

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