Apple turns to LG for iPhone 14’s higher-end front camera

(Pocket-lint) – Apple is reportedly making quite a major change to the front-facing camera on the iPhone 14, according to reports from South Korea.

The change would be a significant departure after years of Chinese parts filling out the camera array that Apple uses for selfies and facial unlocks.

LG Innotek will apparently be the lucky party to step up, after having been lined up to start supplying parts for the iPhone 15 – its participation is being brought forward.

The change could bring some welcome benefits to actual users, too, as it’ll apparently add an auto-focus function to the front camera, something that most phones reserve for their main rear camera.

Whether that will actually come about in a way that is noticeable for normal users is, of course, not something we can address right now, but it’s interesting in and of itself that Apple is switching things up in its supply chain.

Since the iPhone 14 is currently rumoured to be doing away with the long-standing notch in favour of cutouts for its front cameras, this could make it a significant year for the iPhone’s selfie cameras in multiple ways, then.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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