Avert disaster with a home fire extinguisher

More than 35,000 homes are destroyed by fire in the UK each year. You can keep your home and family safe by installing fire extinguishers in easy to reach locations on your property. These extinguishers are the best in their class and will stop flames from spreading and help you get fires under control in a hurry.

For any room in the house

Fire Safety Essentials Fire Extinguisher and 1st Aid Kit

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Keeping a fire extinguisher in your home, especially your kitchen, adds a layer of safety that everyone should have. This fire extinguisher also goes the extra mile since it comes with a first aid kit and a fire blanket in case of emergencies. The extinguisher has a 500-gram capacity, making it an excellent option for small kitchen fires if food gets burned. The included first aid kit contains 42 pieces, with everything you need to take care of basic first aid at home.

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Protect small spaces

UltraFire 1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

The First Alert Large is a 1-KG fire extinguisher that’s appropriate for homes of all sizes. Using powder to extinguish flames it’s rated for Class A, B and C fires and involving electrical equipment. This extinguisher includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a bracket to mount it in your car, caravan, or shed.

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2X FSS UK 6 Litre AFF Foam fire extinguishers

Having one fire extinguisher in your home is a good idea. Still, multiple units can ensure you are safe from fire in different areas of your home. This two-pack of 6-litre fire extinguishers from Amerex puts out combustibles, flammable liquids and spills, and electrical fires. It has an easy to read pressure gauge, a 5-year manufacturer warranty, and weighs 10.5kg.

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Chimney fire extinguisher

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

Chimney fires happen in an instant and are near impossible to extinguish with a run of the mill fire extinguisher. The ADO Fire Extinguisher Ball bursts into action in under 3 seconds with powder fire depressant. You can toss the ball into a fire, or leave it in a hazard area. It will automatically burst into action if it comes into contact with flames and detonates with a 120-decibel alarm that lets you know there is a fire in your home. If you have a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or pellet stove, this is a must-have piece of gear.

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Best portable

FSS UK 500 ml Fire Extinguisher

It may be small, but this portable can of fire extinguishing spray from FSS has 500 ML of flame retardant fluid. This can have a simple spray nozzle that’s a breeze to aim at fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires. It’s perfect for home use or in the cabin or camper.

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When every second counts

The extinguisher that excels at handling fires in the home is the Fire Safety Essentials Fire Extinguisher and 1st Aid Kit . You get a fire extinguisher capable of handling small fires, a blanket to help put them out, and a 43-piece first aid kit capable of patching up minor injuries.

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is a must-have piece of safety equipment. Simple to operate and inexpensive, AFO smothers fire with a flame retardant powder and has a 120-decibel alarm to notify you of the flames.

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