Banish wrinkles from your clothing with the best ironing boards

Whether you’re making sure that your clothes for an interview looked pressed and clean, or you’re working on the next great cosplay, having a great ironing board makes a big difference. You don’t want to accidentally burn your clothing or your furniture, trying to iron without a board to take the brunt of the heat. These ironing boards can take everything you throw at them and more!

Heavy Duty

Brabantia Ecru Ironing Board

Staff Pick

Having an ironing board that is adaptable to a variety of different garments is vital when you’re ironing, especially if you’re doing the ironing for your whole family. The Brabantia Ecru Ironing Board delivers a super sturdy model that features more space than most ironing boards, shelves for items that have been ironed and folded, and a support tray to hold your iron when you readjust.

$90 at Amazon

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

Ironing removes wrinkles from clothing or fabric, but it can take quite a while to do, and over time, your arm becomes tired of the weight of the iron. The Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board is built to make things a little bit easier on your body with an ergonomic design, and a reflective heat cover that aims to make ironing a slightly faster chore to complete. It includes space to hold your iron when you’re moving between items of clothing and a place to clip in the cord to keep it out of your way.

£50 at Amazon

Space Saver

Britten & James Professional wall mounted Ironing Board

When space is at a premium, having items that take up space becomes a problem, and creative solutions become necessary. The Britten & James Professional wall mounted Ironing Board is a fold-up model that sits almost flush against the wall when it’s not being used. You mount it to the wall using an included metal plate, and then fold it up when you don’t need it. This model can swivel 180 degrees when it’s in use and comes with a fabric cover.

£145 at Amazon

Adjustable and Foldable

WOLTU Ironing Board

Not everyone is the same height, so it’s a bit silly to think that every ironing board will be the right height for every person. The WOLTU Ironing Board lets you adjust the height from 68-80 cm, changing it to a comfortable size for you while you get the ironing done. It also includes a rest for your iron so that you can put it down safely when you’re putting away clothing you’ve just ironed.

£26 at Amazon

Our Top Picks

These ironing boards rose above the competition by delivering a sturdy and stable place to iron your clothing and delivering additional features. However, if we could only recommend one ironing board to you, it would be the Brabantia Ecru Ironing Board. This board is wider than many models, has a handy spot just for your iron when you need to put it down, and even includes shelves for clothing you have ironed and folded.

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