Barnes & Noble Launches NOOK GlowLight 4 Plus: 7.8 inch E Ink e-reader

The Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight 4 Plus e-reader has been unveiled, as it has appeared on the brand’s official retail platform. We know all of the e-reader’s specs and you can learn them below.

The NOOK GlowLight 4 Plus pack a 7.8 inch E Ink screen and 32 GB of storage. It also supports audiobooks, via the device’s audio jack and also does Bluetooth audio. It comes with a 300 ppi monochrome display and a temperature adjustable front light known as GlowLight. There’s also a Night Mode and the screen is a tactile one with buttons for page navigation, up or down.

The listing shows the device as having a water resistant design. It’s not very clear if the device has an USB-C port or microUSB, but the first is more likely, since the EU for example banned the use of the microUSB port on the continent starting this year. The first gen GlowLight Plus was released in 2019 and it came with a 7.8 inch panel and IPX7 water resistance.

Nook GlowLight 4 Plus is priced at $199.99 and meanwhile the GlowLight 4 is priced at $199.99. GlowLight 4 Plus is listed int he retail platform as “Coming Soon”. Keep in mind this is a very quick listing, not an actual unveiling or launch.

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