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Kitchen Scissors

Anyone who has tried to snip a scallion with a blunt pair of scissors knows the true pain of dull blades. A sharp pair of kitchen scissors is vital to any home cook. But you can take your culinary cutting to another level with specialist designs that are custom-made for specific tasks. From the tip of a basil leaf to a lobster’s tail — via a chicken wing — our selections are all a cut above.

From start to Finnish:
Fiskars Kitchen Scissors

Staff Pick

Finnish brand Fiskars’ orange-handled scissors have become a design classic since their introduction in the late 1960s. So much so, over a billion pairs have been sold around the world. The product holds a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent design collection. This version of the classic, specially designed for use in the kitchen, offers Fiskars’ iconic comfortable handle design but with blades perfect for food use.

$20 at Amazon

Chicken lickin’:
Wellstar Heavy Duty Poultry Shears

Specially created for chopping chicken, these shears are designed for spatchcocking, butterflying and boning poultry, chicken or turkey. This is thanks to their ultra-sharp spring-loaded blades and a specially designed cutting notch on the rear edge to cut through bones easily. Made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, these shears have a safety clip lock to keep them closed for safe storage.

$15 at Amazon

Salad days:
Trudeau Toss and Chop Tongs

Ideal for rustling up salads, salsas, and other fruit and veg medleys, these scissors quickly chop your fresh produce straight into the bowl thanks to the curved chopper design. It means you save on washing up cutting boards, always a win. The two stainless steel blades have micro-serrated edges, so don’t need sharpening. The soft grip handles are comfortable to use and lock shut for safe storage.

$16 at Amazon

Brill bill:
Kikkerland Toucan Kitchen Shears

Fun for kids

Kikkerland is well known for its playful product designs, and these bird-themed scissors are no exception. Their witty looks will be a hit with kids, helpful if you’re trying to encourage them to get involved in the kitchen. They boast soft-grip handles, stainless steel blades and a steel insert in the handle which works as a bottle opener. The removable beak boasts strong magnets, which means you can store them on your fridge.

$14 at Amazon

Sage sabre:
Fiskars Fast-Prep Herb Shears

Small but perfectly formed, these shears measure in at a palm-friendly five inches. They are shaped in such a way the design maximizes the power of your thumb and index finger for better control and quick cutting action. The soft-grip handles have a spring action to save hand strain when prepping lots of herbs. They come complete with a plastic sheath to cover the blades for a tidy storage solution.

$12 at Amazon

Scale away:
RSVP Endurance Seafood Scissors

Expert’s tool

Regular fish and shellfish eaters will find this product a game-changer. These scissors have a specially curved design making them ideal for use when preparing fish and shellfish. The four-inch stainless steel blades can snip fins, remove heads and tails, scrape away scales, pull out fish bones, crack shells and de-vein shellfish. They feature a hygienic, comfortable Santoprene handle and are dishwasher safe.

$7 at Amazon

Save thyme:
X-Chef 5-Blade Herb Scissors

X-Chef’s kitchen scissors boast no less than five blades which, if you do the math, is equivalent to ten knife chops, meaning you save precious time prepping your favorite herbs. A heavy-duty steel rivet holds the blades together, and the handle has an ergonomic design for comfortable handling. These specialist scissors come complete with a companion plastic comb to help remove the herbs from between the blades.

$10 at Amazon

Clear cut:
Livingo Heavy Duty Come-Apart Scissors

The no-nonsense option for pragmatic people who want one simple tool that will deliver in the quality and durability stakes, the Livingo scissors are a classic choice. Made from high density, super-strong carbon stainless steel that is three times stronger than ordinary steel, they are also ultra-sharp. The blades come apart from easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher, but are rust-resistant too. The handle design means these can also be used as nutcrackers and a bottle opener.

$15 at Amazon

Blades of glory

It may surprise you that so many different varieties of kitchen scissors exist, but they do so for a reason. Clever cooking requires clever tools, and clever chefs would do well to invest in those that suit the types of cuisine they prepare often.

For example, chicken-lovers would do well to pick up some specialist spring-loaded blades, like the strong Wellstar Shears, while cooks that use herbs often should consider a multi-blade cutter like the X-Chef option or a small and quick tool like the Fiskars Shear.

We would also strongly recommend getting a good quality pair of generic kitchen scissors for everyday use. In our opinion, Fiskars’ classic orange handled scissors deserve a place in everyone’s kitchen drawer and will last for years to come.

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