Black Friday tablet deals 2021: the iPad, Fire and Galaxy Tab sales so far

Lots of Black Friday tablet deals have begun popping up around the internet, and it’s only fitting now that Black Friday itself is less than a week away. After weeks of anticipation, the November 26 discount day is near.

We’re already seeing price cuts on Fire tablets, Galaxy Tabs, Lenovo slates and the odd iPad, though the Black Friday iPad deals aren’t exactly setting the world on fire right now.

The tablet deals for Black Friday 2021 could actually be great this year because plenty of tech companies decided to launch debut slates this year to hit the home-working demand, so the selection will be even better than normal.

Tablets can often be pretty expensive pieces of tech, especially since they’re not as necessary for everyday functioning as phones. But they’re useful extras for productivity, entertainment and creativity, so it can be useful to have one, especially on the go, and the Black Friday deals will make them easier to pick up.

We probably won’t see a lot of savings on the latest, most premium tablets – we rarely see ‘knock-your-socks-off’ bargains on iPads, which sometimes get discounts of less than 10%. But Amazon’s own tablets will probably match Prime Day prices (some might go lower). And even a penny off the price, is a penny saved for you.

Early Black Friday tablet deals: quick links

Today’s best tablet deals in the US


Samsung Tab

Amazon Fire

Microsoft Surface

Lenovo Tab

Today’s best tablet deals in the UK


Samsung Tab

Lenovo Tab

Huawei MatePad

Amazon Fire

Black Friday tablet deals: FAQ

When will the best Black Friday tablet deals start in 2021?

While early Black Friday deals kick off a week or two before the official day, which in 2021 lands on November 26, don’t expect every tablet to get discounted early.

Judging by precedent, Amazon will offer discounts on its products ahead of Black Friday – that means Fire tablets, and Kindles, could get reductions early. But for other slates, like Samsung, Lenovo and Kobo models, you may want to wait until the proper weekend.

Sometimes, we see tablet deals hit on Cyber Monday instead, and that’ll also be the best time for accessory discounts – think Apple Pencils, cases and the like.

What Black Friday tablet deals do we expect to see in 2021?

The biggest deals will probably be on Amazon’s devices, judging by precedent: that means Fire tablets, Kids tablets, and Kindles. Each could see discounts of around 40%, on both the gadgets and any accessories you might want for them.

We might see fair discounts on many mid-range and cheap Android tablets, like those from Lenovo in particular, as the company has loads. 

Opposite from Amazon, Apple’s tablets often have pretty poor discounts, at least for new iPads. They’ll often get 10% or 20% reductions which, especially for the top-end models, doesn’t exactly make them that much more affordable. Older iPads sometimes see better discounts, but they sell out fast.

Should I wait for the Black Friday tablet deals?

So you’re looking at a calendar, flipping the pages until November 26, and realizing there’s quite a while until the sales. Should you go tablet-less until then, just to save a bit of money, or just buy one now?

Well, it depends why you want one. University term starts months before Black Friday, so if you’re a student (or buying for one), you shouldn’t wait. Likewise if you’ve got a creative project you need one for, or require a tablet for business, it’s worth buying now.

It’s only worth waiting until Black Friday if a tablet is something you want, but don’t need. That includes if you’ve got an older slate which serves you well, but maybe struggles for certain tasks – keep on keeping on until the sales if that’s the case.

Black Friday tablet deals in the US from last year

Black Friday tablet deals in the UK from last year

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