Black Shark 3 to launch on 3 March, complete with 270Hz touch response screen

Black Shark is about to launch its third phone, unsurprisingly called the Black Shark 3, and it’s going to be a gaming powerhouse by the sounds of things. 

As well as featuring some of the most powerful internals available, the screen on the front will feature 270Hz touch response rate, making it one of the most responsive phones to date. 

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For clarity: touch response rate on the screen is not the same as display refresh rate. This particular spec measures only the time between your touching or swiping the screen and the phone detecting and responding to that gesture. 

It’s not something regular smartphones need really, but on a gaming phone where fast-paced games need responsive input, it’s more applicable.

The details have been teased by the company itself on Weibo, where the company has been slowly drip-feeding details ahead of its launch at the beginning of March. 

In the post, Black Shark states that its phone’s single finger touch delay is just 24ms, and multi-touch delay just 28ms. Perfect for a quick round of CoD. 

As well as fast touch response, the Black Shark 3 is going to be among the first gamer dedicated smartphones with built-in 5G support for fast data speeds in areas that have 5G.

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Adding to that, the phone will feature the Snapdragon 865 processor, ultra-fast UFS 3.0 storage and LPDDR5 RAM, which will undoubtedly all combine to create one of the fastest phones on the market. 

3 March has been set as the date we’ll see the device unveiled, but so far we don’t know the price. If it’s anything like the Black Shark 2, it’ll be competitively priced comparative to its performance and specs. 

Black Shark 2 came in under £500 when it launched, so we’d expect to see something similar again from the third generation. Although, with the addition of 5G, it may mean a slightly more expensive device. 

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