BP Adds Loyalty Octane To Mobile App

BP gas stations in the U.S. are
giving drivers a boost with an upgraded loyalty and payment option via their
mobile device. Using the BPme app, users can also get marketing promotions and
a link option to a Visa credit card.

Many gas stations, as well as C-stores, are discovering that integrated features on mobile apps drive customer engagement. Additionally, getting fuel customers to come in to an adjacent C-store provides higher-margin sales opportunities on food and beverage. This is one reason that C-stores are expanding in size beyond the average 2,000 square foot space.

Keeping consumers engaged with
mobile loyalty often means higher spending and more frequent visits. Paying via
a mobile device also avoids fraudsters’ skimming devices that show up at some
non-EMV enabled gas pumps.

Mobile Payments Today article,
which is excerpted below, discusses more on this topic:

BP plc, a London-based energy producer, has launched a consumer loyalty program, called BPme Rewards, which has rolled out to participating BP and Amoco gas stations across the U.S. 

The program replaced the previous loyalty program, called BP Driver Rewards, which ended Sept. 30. The new program provides a 5 cent per gallon discount during the first month of use, and if customers buy $100 of gas per month, offers 5 cents off each gallon. 

The loyalty program can be accessed exclusively through the BPme mobile app, which allows customers to buy gasoline without the need to swipe a credit card or use the pin pad at the fueling station. The app also helps customers track their rewards and automatically deducts points on purchases. 

“We know our customers are busy, so we want to make fueling up as quick and easy as possible, while continuing to provide great rewards that keep them coming back,” Nicola Buck, BP head of marketing, said in a company release. “BPMe Rewards delivers on both these promises – and is a cornerstone of BP’s strategy to connect seamlessly with today’s on the go consumer.”

Raymond Pucci, Director, Merchant Services at Mercator Advisory

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