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Tennis Balls

Tennis is such a popular sport because it’s played as a professional or recreational sport by people of all ages. Tennis is excellent at improving hand-eye coordination while developing our mental agility. And, its absolute fun when played using the right gear that matches your skill level. Whether you play for fun or you are a parent to a tennis enthusiast, we have done the heavy lifting and compiled a well inclusive list of the best tennis balls.

Wilson US Open Regular Duty 3 Ball CanWilson US Open Regular Duty 3 Ball Can

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Being the Official Ball of the Australian Grand Slam and US Open Championships speaks volumes about the reliability and performance of the Wilson tennis balls. Available in Extra duty, Regular duty, and High altitude, you sure have a ball for different courts. The tennis balls are crafted with premium woven felt to achieve unparalleled durability.

$18 at Amazon

Penn Championship High Altitude Tennis BallsPenn Championship High Altitude Tennis Balls

Enjoy consistency at the court with America’s number one selling balls, the Penn Championship high altitude tennis balls. Being the Official Ball of the UTSA Leagues, the ball’s build quality is top-notch. They are made with natural rubber to minimize shock and give you a consistent feel every time you play. The balls are great for both outdoor and indoor courts.

$7 at Amazon

Tourna Mesh Carry Bag Pressureless BallsTourna Mesh Carry Bag Pressureless Balls

Get your tennis groove on by practicing with the Tourna pressureless tennis balls. They have an extra-durable felt made with non-toxic material, which prevents wear and tear. Pressureless balls are usually smaller than regular balls and don’t lose bounce or go flat even when hit for hours, making them a perfect fit for beginners, tennis ball machines, or even pets.

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Wilson US Open Extra Duty 3 Ball CanWilson US Open Extra Duty 3 Ball Can

You will be pleased to know that every point at the US Open, for the last 40+ years, has been scored with a Wilson US Open tennis ball. The balls are designed with premium wool carefully woven into a dense and thick felt for durability. Sold as a pack of four cans with three balls each (12 balls), they are ideal for hard courts.

$18 at Amazon

Penn QST 36 Tennis BallsPenn QST 36 Tennis Balls

The Penn QST tennis balls feature a lower compression core, which offers excellent control by modifying the ball’s bounce and speed. As such, they are perfect for kids and beginners using a 36′ court. The balls are 75% slower than traditional balls and have a yellow and red felt to make them easy to track in the air. Penn always lets you match the ball to your age to the ball.

$15 at Amazon

Gamma Pressureless Tennis Ball BucketGamma Pressureless Tennis Ball Bucket

Teaching pros, learners, or avid players always need a sufficient number of tennis balls. The Gamma Pressureless balls bucket has 48 pressureless balls that don’t lose their bounce even after several hits. The balls come with a reusable poly bucket for easy transport and storage. No matter the court type, these balls will always serve you well.

$40 at Amazon

KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis BallsKEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls

If you plan to practice without a coach or play without a partner, buying a tennis ball machine is a good option. And you are going to need many balls for the machine. The KEVENZ standard pressure training balls come as a pack of 288 balls, designed with thick interlocked wool fiber for durability and a thick lining for an airtight seal.

$150 at Amazon

Penn Pink Championship Tennis Ball CanPenn Pink Championship Tennis Ball Can

You don’t need millions of dollars to be philanthropic. From every three-pack can of the Pink Championship balls sold, Penn donations a percentage towards breast cancer research. Penn has maintained the quality standards of the ball to match the standards of all it’s other balls. Therefore you are guaranteed to enjoy your tennis match with absolute quality and consistency.

$7 at Amazon

Our top picks

Tennis balls are designed for both recreational and professional use. Unlike beginners, professional tennis players swear by a specific ball to increase their winning margins. Also, it’s advisable to grab a ball that works for your skill level and court type.

Premium balls like the Wilson US Open Extra Duty Balls are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to have a feel of a professional game. The build quality has earned the ball a spot in the US Open from 1978 thanks to its durability and unmatched consistency. Also, the ball is excellent for abrasive courts. Penn puts in extra work by trying to match age and skill level with the right ball. The Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls are optimized for kids under eight who play on a 36′ court. The core has lower compression to control bounce and lower speeds to help the child master the tennis-playing skill.

If you are practicing alone or play without a partner, the KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls are an excellent option. They come as a pack of 288, work well with a tennis ball machine, easy to control landing point, and slow spin speed. They feature an extra-durable felt made with non-toxic material, which prevents wear and tear — such a well-balanced ball for beginners.

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