Catch your coffee buzz with these impressive single-use pods

Pop in your favorite K-Cup and have caffeinated goodness in seconds. You know your morning isn’t complete without a steamy, hot cut of coffee. Depending on your tastes, there are so many different K-Cups to choose from. The SF Bay Coffee Variety Pack features four distinct tastes, each one just as amazing as the last. Do you like flavored, dark roast, medium roast, light roast, etc?

Best Overall: SF Bay Coffee Variety Pack (80 count)

Featuring French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Rainforest Blend, and Fog Chaser, it’s always a good time throughout the day for a cup of SF Bay. Compatible with most Keurig K-Cup 1.0 and 2.0 brewers, these pods are commercially compostable since they include a paper lidding, plant-based ring, and mesh coffee filter.

Each variety pack includes 80 pods, 20 of each variety. You can also buy a 120 count pack. Regardless, if you’re looking for a K-Cup variety pack that’s economical and yes, tastes great too, consider this one.

If there’s one negative, it’s the lack of a decaf blend in the variety pack. Keep that in mind before making a purchase.


  • Great price
  • Nice mix of flavors
  • Compostable pods


  • The pack doesn’t include a decaf blend

Best Overall

SF Bay Coffee Variety Pack (80 count)

  • $34 from Amazon

Mix it up

A great cup of coffee with environmentally sound packaging too.

Best Flavor Pack: Starbucks Flavored Variety Pack (40 count)

Flavored coffee is a big deal in many circles, and this variety pack from Starbucks doesn’t disappoint. The Starbucks K-Cup Flavor Pack includes Caramel, Vanilla, Cinnamon Dolce, Toffeenut, and Toasted Graham. The cups support the Keurig and Keurig 2.0 Single Cup Brewing Systems.

Starbucks explains each flavor this way: Caramel is smooth and buttery; Vanilla is light with rich, creamy taste; Cinnamon Dolce is a Starbucks Blonde Roast that has notes of warm cinnamon and brown sugar; Toffeenut is creamy, smooth and well balanced and Toasted Graham is warm and toasty.

Each box includes eight pods of each flavor for a total of 40. Yes, the per-cup price is higher than many on this list. We think it’s worth it!


  • Five unique flavors
  • Supports all Keurig systems


  • Pricey

Best Flavor Pack

Starbucks Flavored Variety Pack (40 count)

  • $29 from Amazon

Yummy flavors for all

When it’s challenging to decide, Starbucks gives you a choice.

Best Medium Roast: Boyd’s Hi-Rev (36 count)

Coffee wouldn’t be coffee without caffeine for most drinkers. Boyd’s Hi-Rev Coffee includes an extra boost of caffeine to help you get through each day. The medium roast offers full body and flavor with each pod compostable.

Each package features three 12-count packs. Twelve and 72-count boxes are also available through Amazon.


  • Extra caffeine
  • Compostable pods


  • Do you want the extra caffeine?

Best Medium Roast

Boyd’s Hi-Rev (36 count)

  • $30 from Amazon

Buzzworthy pick

When you need an extra push each day, this is the K-Cup to consider

Best Decaf: Original Donut Shop Decaf (72 count)

The Original Donut Shop Decaf blend is medium roasted for a taste that’s not too harsh or bitter. The ideally balanced brew features Arabia beans that are extra bold because it contains more coffee than regular K-Cup pods. Each case features six boxes of 12 pods each.

If you’re a decaf drinker, you’ll like this blend. Otherwise, select another one on this list.


  • Good price
  • Medium roast
  • Contains more coffee than regular pods


  • Want caffeine? You aren’t going to find it here!

Best Decaf

Original Donut Shop Decaf (72 count)

  • $36 from Amazon

Extra coffee per pod

The anytime drink that wouldn’t keep you up at night.

Best Dark Roast: Peet’s French Roast (54 count)

Featuring Arabica beans from Latin American growing regions, Peet’s French Roast is packed with flavor that’s bold and complex. The blend is not for the faint of heart; the signature taste is robust with smoky overtones and a pleasant bite.


  • Powerful taste
  • Good price


  • Bite-y taste

Best Dark Roast

Peet’s French Roast (54 count)

  • $28 from Amazon

Great, bold taste

Be sure to experience Peet’s other impressive coffee flavors.

Best Light Roast: Caribou Coffee Daybreak (72 count)

Offering a bright and tangy taste, Caribou Coffee’s Daybreak morning blend is 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified and ships in frustration-free packaging. The 72-count arrives in six cartons of 12 K-Cups each. The blend features coffees from the Americas and East Africa.

If you need a light roast coffee, this is one to try. Still, you might want to grab some medium or dark roast too for your guests. Some reviewers suggest Caribou Coffee Daybreak offers a weak drinking experience.


  • Relaxed, airy taste
  • Good price per cup


  • Some drinkers say it’s a weak taste

Best Light Roast

Caribou Coffee Daybreak (72 count)

  • $36 from Amazon

Light taste, good price

When you don’t want a heavy taste in the morning.

Best Cold Brew: JAVA HOUSE Authentic (12 count)

Yes, you can purchase cold brew coffee for your Keurig machine! The Java House Single-Serve Coffee Pods feature dual-use liquid pods, great for hot or iced coffee. Offering a bold, Sumatran taste, look for hints of molasses, walnut, and cocoa in every cup.

The one drawback: This is an expensive brew compared to others on our list.


  • Liquid, not ground coffee
  • Dual-use


  • Expensive

Best Cold Brew

JAVA House Authentic (12 count)

  • $12 from Amazon

Experience something new

Cold-brew comes to K-Cup with these incredible liquid pods. Enjoy!

Bottom line

Finding a great K-Cup is almost entirely subjective, no? It’s because of this we recommend the SF Bay Coffee Variety Pack, which features four different kinds of coffee, so you’ll never get bored. Featuring French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Rainforest Blend, and Fog Chaser, this awesome pack has been designed for anyone looking for a great cup of caffeinated coffee for less.

Are you looking for another reason to make this choice? These pods are commercially compostable, so you’re helping the environment with each purchase.

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