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Ecoflow Delta MiniSource: EcoFlow

EcoFlow offers variety of portable power stations, from the 288Wh EcoFlow River to the big-daddy power-them-all Delta Max. Now, with the introduction of the Delta Mini, there’s an excellent in-between options for everyday users. No matter if you’re car camping, tailgating or just want a source of emergency power, the 882Wh Mini answers the call.

Handling most electronics up to 1400W, the Delta Mini can run your most-used accessories no matter where you are. Weighing at 23lbs, it won’t hold you back as you can easily move it wherever your needs may be.

Ecoflow Ecoflow Delta Mini ProductEcoflow Ecoflow Delta Mini Product

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station

Bottom line: The Delta Mini has a great mix of power and portability. It’s not as heft some of the larger models, meaning you’ll leave some capacity behind, but overall it’s the best power station for most people.

The Good

  • Powers 90% of electronics
  • Charge via AC, DC or solar
  • EcoFlow app to monitor usage

The Bad

  • Pricey for it’s size
  • No included cable storage

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: Price and availability

Ecoflow Delta Mini

Ecoflow Delta MiniSource: EcoFlow

The Delta Mini portable power station is available for $999 direct from EcoFlow, with any solar panels tacking on a few hundred to the price. As-is, you can charge the Delta Mini via any standard outlet or even in your car, but those that will be venturing futher off the grid may opt for any number of solar panels to go along for the ride.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: What’s good

EcoFlow Delta Mini

EcoFlow Delta MiniSource: EcoFlow

Tailgating? Check. Camping? Check. Power out at home? Check. The Delta Mini can handle more than you think. Power up to 12 devices thanks to a variety of inputs including USB-C, wall-style and DC. The entire unit can charge in just under 2 hours, meaning no long waits to get powered up again. Using the free EcoFlow app also lets you monitor the status of your power station, both input and output, so even when you’re not near it you can always be in the know.

With more inputs that many comparable power stations, the Delta Mini can power up to 12 devices at once.

While solar charging is a definite bonus, keep in mind that if you’re stuck under cloudy skies you’ll have a hard time juicing up the Delta Mini. Bright sunny days are your friend (obviously) so just be aware that solar charging shouldn’t be your only means of charging. Thankfully DC charging is an option as well so you can always recharge en route to your next destination. Also, there’s no bulky charging brick to be had, so you can charge straight from the wall with a single cord.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: What needs work

Ecoflow Delta Mini

Ecoflow Delta MiniSource: EcoFlow

It’s hard to find any real downsides to the Delta Mini. Could it have a bigger capacity? Sure, but that’s why there are other models. Could it have a better app? Of course, but it’s one of the few in this category that has an app at all. Could it offer some kind of cable storage? Definitely, but then we’d just be nitpicking.

Honestly, there isn’t much not to like here. If you’re shelling out $1000 for a portable electric generator, you already know you really need one (or maybe just reallllly want one?) so it’s tough to say this won’t be a good buy.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: Competition

Jackery 1500 Vs 1000 Hero

Jackery 1500 Vs 1000 HeroSource: Technobuffalo

Obviously there are plenty of other models from EcoFlow if you’re looking for a bigger or smaller unit, but companies like Jackery also have some solid options. The Explorer 1000 is the most compareable to the Delta Mini in price, size and weight, and there’s also the upgrade pick Explorer 1500 if you need some more kick (for more bucks).

The Jackery offerings also can charge via solar but do have slightly different designs, so it really comes down to what exactly you want for the different input & output options. Jackery also doesn’t offer a mobile app at all, so to monitor device status you’ll actually have to, you know, look at the device. Ew.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: Should you buy it?

Ecoflow Delta Mini

Ecoflow Delta MiniSource: EcoFlow

You should buy this if…

  • You want a decent amount of power in a sizeable package
  • You need an emergency power source

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You have more than a handful of devices you want to power or
  • You only have a few devices that could get by with way less.

If you need to power a whole bunch of stuff when you’re on the go — or want a solid emergency power source, the Delta Mini is a great buy. With enough room for 12 devices at once, a thorough mobile app and brick-less charging, there’s a lot to like here for the sub-$1000 pricetag.

out of 5

Ecoflow Ecoflow Delta Mini ProductEcoflow Ecoflow Delta Mini Product

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station

Bottom line: It’s pricey, yes, but you really get a lot for that price. Up to 12 devices are once, the ability to recharge in under 2 hours and a mobile app to keep an eye on things.

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