Cheap iPad Pro Black Friday deals: massive discounts if you know were to buy Amazon Black Friday iPad Pro deals

There are already worthy iPad Pro Black Friday deals, but you have to know where to buy. The sales aren’t always being advertised among the early Black Friday ads.

In the US, we’re seeing the iPad Pro 2020 discounts for as much as $100 off if you spring for the 1TB version, and anywhere from $71 to $50 off the 512GB, 128GB and 256GB iPad Pro models. It’s all thanks to early Black Friday deals.

In the UK, the latest iPad Pro has a £36 discount attached to it, and it isn’t at Amazon (they’re currently sold out), but in stock at Curry’s. We’ve listed those early iPad Black Friday deals – both the 12.9-inch and 11-inch versions of the premium Apple tablet.

Why are iPad Pro prices dropping five days ahead of Black Friday? Two reasons. First, retailers want to start shipping holiday purchases well in advance, essentially spacing out the chaotic shopping season. They don’t want to wait until Cyber Monday.

Second, these current iPad Pro models – the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 – came out in March 2020. That means since Apple already got its early adopters to buy at full price, retailers are now trying to attract the people sitting on the fence.

iPad Pro (2020) Black Friday deals in the US

iPad Pro (2020) Black Friday deals in the UK

Below, you’ll find the cheapest iPad Pro deals from across the web. We’re bringing you the lowest prices from all your favorite retailers, comparing both the older 2018 and 2020 model. Plus, you’ll find more Amazon Black Friday deals right here on TechRadar as well.

Should you buy Black Friday iPad deals now?

Black Friday deals are dropping a lot earlier this year, due to a number of factors that have arisen thanks to the global pandemic. Online competition is fierce this year, as brick and mortar stores are forced to bring more of their sales to the web to avoid heavy foot traffic over the November 27 weekend and Amazon has already made its move with Prime Day – itself delayed until October. 

That late Amazon sales event effectively kicked off the Black Friday season across the US and UK, with retailers scrambling to offer similar savings to keep up with Amazon so close to the holidays. And that’s the third reason we’re seeing so many early offers this year – we’re getting closer to Christmas and retailers are concerned about shipping times later on in the year. 

All of that means offers like these Black Friday iPad deals are landing on our shelves a lot earlier than anticipated. So, should you pick up these deals or wait for November? 

It’s true, we’re still likely to see the best iPad Pro deals over the official November shopping weekend. However, these are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen so far for this model, and they’re starting to rival the 2018 model. November’s offerings aren’t guaranteed, therefore. We may see a price rise in the next few weeks, only for it to drop once again to this position over November, for example. 

Our advice? If you spot a price you like, especially if it is the cheapest its ever been, we’d go for it now. While things may be a little cheaper in November, it’s unlikely we’ll see major discounts beyond these prices on the newest release and plus there’ll be plenty more competition over those two days of Black Friday. 

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