Clayco has perfect new cases for your iPhone 12



(Pocket-lint) – If you’ve already got one, or are planning to pick up one of Apple’s latest round of new iPhones, you might have a familiar anxiety in store – should you get a case to protect it, or take the risk of using it without one?

While Apple’s been talking up its Ceramic Shield technology which makes the iPhone 12 more drop-resistant than before, it’s still mighty fragile given the amount of metal and glass that makes it up, which is why we definitely think that a case is highly advisable. Clayco makes some of the very best around, and you can check out the full range it makes for the iPhone 12 in all its variations here

Forza Series Case

We’ll start with the Forza Series Case, which is a case study in how to make a really great, but very simple case that’s nice and attractive. First up, you have chunky and grippy bumpers that are perfect for keeping the sharp edges of your iPhone protected from drops and bumps, which it’s otherwise pretty vulnerable to. Then you pair it with a clear plastic back that lets the iPhone 12’s gorgeous design shine through clearly. 

On the front, meanwhile, you get a simple screen protector that makes sure your superb display doesn’t get marred by scratches and blemishes over time, as so many people are used to if they don’t have a case. 

Argos Series Wallet Case

Perhaps you look at a phone case and want a bit more function to go with your form, though? In that case, the Argos Series Wallet Case could be perfect for your needs – it’s a slightly chunkier case that brings the benefit of a wallet compartment that can hold multiple cards. Best of all, you wouldn’t even know it’s there unless you’re the owner, so it’s a nice secure way to carry money around with you without advertising it. 

The case itself has a really nice patterned texture on its rear, available in this classy brushed metal finish or a couple of slightly jazzier options if you prefer, and will keep your phone nice and safe, and it also manages the impressive feat of being super affordable, which is quite the package all in all. 

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