Clip and snip with confidence with these must-have nail clippers

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Fingers and toes are covered with these sleek clippers by Harperton. Both constructed from sturdy surgical-grade stainless steel, these clippers are built to last. They feature hand-sharpened blades for clean cuts. The blades are so effective because these clippers have reinforced handles for extra leverage, making it possible to achieve quick, easy snips. With two different size options, this set accommodates both finger and toenails perfectly.

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Shorten nails in a snap with this care collection. With clippers sized to accommodate both finger and toenails, this set makes maintenance simple and hygienic. Each clipper is crafted from durable zinc alloy stainless steel, with sharp blades that effortlessly slice nails for the perfect contour. Blade shape for each clipper is different to provide the best trim, the fingernail clippers have rounded blades, and the toenail clippers have straight blades. This set also includes a nail file to further refine your nail shape. When not in use, these tools can be kept in the included faux leather case.

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If you’re interested in precision, the more tools the better. This handy 12-piece kit will help you get a handle on your nail situation. The tool collection includes clippers, scissors, cuticle trimmer, a file, and more to perfect nails. Aside from nail care items, this set features other grooming tools like tweezers and a loop remover. These instruments are constructed of sturdy, lasting metal to keep nails looking a great time and again. For on-the-go touch-ups, this set even has a compact carrying case.

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Nice nails are just a snip away with this streamlined clipper, crafted of durable tempered stainless steel. It’s sharp, curved blades smoothly sheer nails for a clean finish. The blades are maneuvered by the efficient zinc alloy lever that provides enough force to groom nails perfectly. The lever also has a comfortable contoured thumb rest for great grip and control.

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Tough toenails are no match for these strong nippers. They’re cast in strong stainless steel and are detailed with accurate curved blades that taper to a fine point. The blades open to a 1-inch width, ensuring even the thickest nails are accommodated. The squeezable handles, ridged for extra grip, deliver easy cuts with ample control.

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Hewn from stainless steel, this simple nail clipper is engineered to provide tough trims and snips with little effort. The hardworking jaws open wide, up to about 0.6 inches, to account for varying nail thicknesses. The jaws are outfitted with sharp, curved blades to make easy work of nail grooming. This clipper is accompanied by a file, offering additional polish and shape. With a variety of available color options, this tool will become a fast favorite.

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