Clipping your baby’s nails is scary! Do it gently with these best options

Safely trim and shape your baby’s nails with one of these best nail clippers. As one of the most dreaded activites of being a newborn parent, these clippers will take the worry out of accidental nicks. From one parent to another, you’ll love this collection and will certainly find the best stress-free option.

It grows with them

Little Martin’s Drawer baby nail trimmer file

Staff Pick

Baby nails are not only really tiny, but they are soft. This amazing set trims and files their nails with interchangeable sandpaper drummels that vary in softness depending on their age. They are even color coded! You can safely trim their nails with this lightweight, versatile tool that is super quiet. It even has a front LED light in case you are being sneaky and trimming while their sleeping.

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Magnify those tiny fingers

The First Years American Red Cross deluxe nail clipper

One of the main struggles of trimming your baby’s nail, other then the fact that they are constantly moving, is seeing those super tiny finger nails. This trimmer features a 4x magnifier to help you see exactly where you are about to snip. It has an ergoniomic design and a sure-grip giving your hold confidence. This stainless steel option is another good choice.

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From any angle

Simba baby safety scissors

As infants become aware of their surrondings and begin to practice with motor skills, trimming their nails becomes more difficult. You end up having to maneuver yourself and your trimming tool to adjust to them. Luckily, these safety scissors from Simba allow you to safely trim from all angles. They have a short, thin, and rounded blade made of stainless steel and their design will leave you feeling confident while cutting.

$6 at Amazon

For mom and baby

Consevisen baby electric nail trimmer

Throw away those little baby mittens used so they don’t scratch their face, this electric nail trimmer is the answer for baby and mom! It has 6 different grinding heads for baby nails and 4 different grinding heads for adult nails. This set can last a lifetime! It rotates quietly and steady at whichever speed you choose and requires 2 AA batteries –not included. Along with the trimmer itself and the grinding heads, you’ll get a very conveinent carrying case and baby nail clippers.

$19 at Amazon

Specially designed

Safety 1st steady grip infant nail clipper

These easy to hold nail clippers were specifically designed for tiny newborn fingernails and toenails. It has an oversized, steady grip that is secure enough for dad’s big hands. You can even toss these in your diaper bag for on-the-go trimmings.

$6 at Amazon

Spy hole

FidaBaby NailFrida SnipperClipper set

Talk about worry-free; these clippers have multiple design features that certainly take the stress out of trimming those tiny nails. My favorite feature is the spy hole. This allows you to see exactly where you are cutting in order to prevent any nicks. It even has overlapping blades which cuts more smoothly and quietly with very little effort. This clipper set even comes with an S-shaped nail file that is perfect for tiny fingers.

$13 at Amazon

Nifty nails

You never realize just how sharp baby’s nails are until they scratch you or their own face. Keeping them trim is essential; that’s why we found the best trimmers and clippers that are safe for you and them. Our favorite is a stress-free option that requires no cutting, just trimming. The Little Martin’s Drawer baby nail trimmer file won’t damage their nails or cuticles; it will file the length and sharpness of their little fingernails or toenails. It literally grows with them as it comes with interchangeable sandpaper drummels that are specific to each age.

There are still safe and worry-free options that have a more classic nail clipper feel. The FidaBaby NailFrida SnipperClipper set is another sure reccomendation as it has a noteable feature; the spy hole. These clippers, and even the nail file, are specially designed in shape to perfectly fit tiny nails.

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