Create delightful crepes with these toasty griddles

Crepes are delicious round, thin, airy pancakes filled with everything from fresh fruit to savory meat. These flaky delectables are created by draping a thin layer of batter over a hot griddle or pan. Sound good? You can easily infuse a little of this French cuisine into your diet with the help of a crepe maker. Crepe makers are circular hot griddles that bake batter into barely-there crispy goodness. Get your palette and your plate ready to enjoy the yummy results with our collection of crepe makers. Just say, oui!

Classic crepes

CucinaPro nonstick 12-inch crepe maker

Staff Pick

Bring on the batter with this easy crepe maker designed to create light and fluffy pancakes. The 12-inch griddle features a nonstick aluminum plate, the ideal surface for heating crepes. It has five heat settings, determined by the sliding temperature control. You’ll be able to tell when the griddle is piping hot with the help of the indicator lights. To spread batter evenly on the griddle, a t-shaped batter spreader is included. The spreader ensures the plate is covered with an even coat of batter for the perfect crepe every time.

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French from the griddle

NutriChef 12-inch nonstick electric crepe maker

The crackle of a hot griddle is a pleasant sound that brings the expectation of delicious food. As far as this griddle is concerned, it’s 12-inch surface offers the promise of crepes. This circular device has a conductive nonstick, aluminum plate that’s warmed by 1200 watts of power. The temperature is controlled by an easy dial-style knob. When the perfect temperature is achieved, the LED indicator light signals. This efficient griddle is accompanied by a spreader and spatula to ensure crepe-making success.

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Flip out and flip over

G&M Kitchen Essential 12-inch crepe maker machine

You can turn your kitchen into a French cafe with this easy crepe maker by G&M Kitchen Essentials. This must-have electric griddle has enough sizzle to craft delish 12-inch crepes on its nonstick aluminum plate. The griddle will heat with a turn of the temperature dial. When the selected temp is achieved, the indicator light will shut off. Then it’s crepe time. This machine also includes a batter spreader, spatula, and recipe book.

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Pan-inspired style

CucinaPro cordless crepe maker

If you’re looking for a little extra freedom when it comes to crepe making, this pan-style appliance is a great kitchen addition. The 7.5-inch crepe pan is heated by the electric base, achieving the perfect surface temperature. The unique pan can be removed from the heat source to receive batter from the included dipping plate. This unique little machine also includes a spreader to produce the ideal thin layer. To get started, select a recipe from the included booklet or use your own.

$40 at Amazon

Drizzle and sizzle

Proctor Silex electric crepe maker

Create thin, light crepes that span 13 yummy inches with this electric griddle. It features an easy nonstick cooking surface designed to brown these fluffy pancakes with heat distributed by any of the eight heat settings. The heat is easily determined by the sliding temperature control. This griddle also includes a batter measuring cup, batter spreader, and spatula so you can pour, distribute, and flip with ease.

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From the pan

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 10-inch nonstick crepe pan

Bake like a professional with this 10-inch crepe-making pan. This batter-ready style is constructed of a sturdy adonized material with a titanium-reinforced nonstick cooking surface. The pan is supported by a strong stainless steel handle, offering great grip and control. Tasty crepes are as simple as turning on the burner to heat the pan, which is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll brown the thinnest yummiest crepes in no time with this kitchen essential.

$25 at Amazon

Crepe creators

Light and airy crepes are possible outside of France with the hot, batter-ready surface of a crepe maker. These round griddles brown batter, transforming it into thin, delectable pancakes, ready to be filled with fruit, veggies, or meat. Our staff pick is the NutriChef 12-inch nonstick electric crepe maker because the easy design creates delicious crepes without a hassle. The 12-inch griddle has a nonstick aluminum plate, perfect for browning and flipping. It also features five temperature settings, managed by the sliding temperature control. This French cuisine essential also features a batter spreader for even distribution.

An alternative to the traditional griddle-style crepe maker, the CucinaPro cordless crepe maker offers a little more freedom when it comes to the baking process. This pan-style device is heated by the electric base but can be removed for easy batter application and crepe removal. This device also includes a batter dipping plate and spreader to craft the perfect crepes.

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