CStore Decisions: Alltown and PayByCar Fuel Contactless Payment Method

2020 saw contactless payments reach escape velocity and 2021 will see continued growth. Add to the list a car toll transponder-based payment system for use at fuel pumps and C-stores. This new offering can be found at some of Global Partners’ Alltown C-stores/gas stations in the New England area. Alltown is partnering with tech developer PayByCar that leverages a car’s windshield-mounted transponder device. Once enrolled with a mobile phone number and a payment card on file, drivers pull up to a pump and then receive a text message. The driver confirms and proceeds to fill their tank. The payment receipt is sent via email. This contactless payment system will shave some time off a refueling pit stop when seconds count.

The following excerpt from a CStore Decisions article reports more on the topic:

Global Partners‘ Alltown has implemented PayByCar Inc. services at all 30 of its locations in Massachusetts. Customers will be able to pay for gas and other goods directly from their mobile device, without ever having to take out cash, a credit card or mobile app.

Upon entering an Alltown location, PayByCar recognizes the car’s transponder and sends a text to the customer’s smartphone. They can then reply with just the pump number, and PayByCar automatically turns that pump on, registers the transaction, charges the card and sends an e-receipt.

“We’re living at a time when contactless payments are increasingly important,” said Mark Cosenza, Senior Vice President at Global Partners LP, owner of Alltown convenience stores. “We’re excited to offer drivers not only the convenience of simple and quick transactions, but also the added safety and peace of mind during the age of COVID-19.”

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Director, Merchant Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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