Decorate your home and spare the needles with these best artificial trees

Artificial Trees

Looking for a long-lasting, easy to set up piece of home decor? An artificial tree can spruce up your living room for years to come. They are easy to set up as most come in a hinged design and fluff up perfectly to look just like a real tree. Some even come with lights, but if not, you can add them and get a soft, warm glow in your home.

How will you spruce up your home?

Adding a touch of the great outdoors as decor is beautiful in so many ways. Artificial trees will surely add a statement to your living room. Not only are they easy to assemble, but they typically resemble the real thing. Our favorite is the Best Choice Products 7.5-Foot Premium Spruce Artificial Tree. Its spruce-style is full and fluffy, and it has a full-bodied appearance.

If you want a bit more decor, the National Tree Company 7.5-Foot Carolina Pine Artificial Tree comes decorated with clear UL lights and flocked pinecones. This tree will add even a bit more of the outdoors and will blanket your living room with a warm glow.

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