Dell Technologies World 2022: Five key takeaways from Michael Dell

Michael Dell: The combination of edge and 5G is “a huge catalyst for…growth”

Dell Technologies Founder, Chairman and CEO Michael Dell this week opened Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas with a reflection on how the “twin engines of human inspiration and technology” foster innovation. As Dell advances its expansive enterprise business and cultivates market share in the telecoms sector on the back of the shift to cloud-native 5G and edge-centric deployments meant to help operators capture enterprise business, Dell Technologies sees a major growth opportunity.

Dell’s keynote speech sketched out some of the major trend lines influencing how enterprises leverage technology to improve process, productivity, performance in an effort to unlock new value and revenue streams. Below are five comments from Dell applicable to the telecom sector and the larger enterprise landscape. 

  1. “The future is multi-cloud, with workloads and data flowing seamlessly across the entire environment. Today, 90 percent of customers already have both on-prem and public cloud environments. And 75 percent are using three or more different clouds.” 
  2. Dell said a current focus is cultivating a technology ecosystem that will combine multi-cloud and “deliver the edge, the next frontier, where data becomes a competitive advantage immediately at the point of creation—an automated, intelligent, continuous cycle of data collection, protection, analysis and improvement. And look, anything you wanna do in today’s world from [decentralized finance] to blockchain, to metaverse and autonomous vehicles and robotics to smart everything, space exploration, AI, drug discovery, AR/VR, all of these things consume and create tremendous amounts of distributed data and distributed computing power.” 
  3. “10 percent of the data in the world today is processed outside of data centers. But by 2025, 75 percent of enterprise data will be processed outside of a traditional centralized data center or cloud. 5G mobile networks to handle the volume of data at the edge are a huge catalyst for that growth.” 
  4. “We’re also embracing high levels of automation, making our infrastructure programmable to fully support containers and modern application development environments like Kubernetes, Tanzu and OpenShift. Containerized apps are really transforming IT and modern application delivery.” 
  5. As is playing out now within communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprise IT departments, “The epicenter of focus for many customers is changing from infrastructure to developers, and we’re embracing developers, making all of our solutions API-driven and developer-ready.” 

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