Dig out quickly with a heavy-duty snow blower

Snow Blower

Using a snow blower still takes some muscle to push and maneuver while clearing snow, but it does a better and faster job than a standard snow shovel. Snow blowers can be either electric or gas-powered. While both perform very well and can be used to clear deep snow, gas-powered snow blowers tend to be a bit better for heavy-duty shoveling. Here are some great options for throwing your snow around.

Clear the winter wonderland from your drive and walks

If you live where deep snow pack is common throughout the winter months, we recommend either the Snow Joe electric snow thrower or the PowerSmart snow blower. Both clear impressive amounts of snow quickly with the PowerSmart having a lightly bigger clearing range of 24 inches. The Snow Joe still packs a punch by clearing 25 tons of snow an hour. The real difference between the two are the power source. The Snow Joe uses battery power and comes with a rechargeable one. Extra batteries are available to purchase separately. The PowerSmart is a gas-powered snow thrower.

For smaller areas, or for a more lightweight option, check out the Earthwise electric snow shovel. It clears snow up to 8 inches deep in smaller areas and is especially good at manuvering around parked cars in your driveway. It is lightweight and electric powered, but it is corded. This means you can only go as far as the power cord will let you.

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