Discover how the OPPO Reno 3 Pro’s cameras work together to capture clear shots

OPPO’s latest generation of the best-selling Reno series is here, and it’s all about the cameras. The Reno3 Pro’s versatile camera setup is geared towards content creators, giving them all the tools they need to capture clear shots under any condition and make professional photos and videos on the go.  

These days, vlogs feature a distinct style, relying on tight editing and precision shots to make videos look as effortless as possible. When in reality, they’re anything but often, establishing signature shots and other staples of the vlogging genre require expensive equipment like tripods or gimbals and a great deal of planning. The OPPO Reno3 Pro closes that gap.  

One of the highlight features of the camera is built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that ensures your footage appears smooth and professional regardless of minor shakes and violent vibrations. This allows you to record complex movement without the need for additional equipment to aid stabilization.  

Dive into Reno3 Pro’s Rear Camera System

The centrepiece of the Reno3 Pro is its 64MP Quad-lens array on the back which consists of a 64MP Ultra-clear lens with an 8MP Ultra-wide lens, a 13MP Telephoto lens and a 2MP Mono lens for styling up your images. 

A unique feature of the Reno3 Pro’s snappers is the Ultra Clear 108MP image. The cameras capture multiple images of the same scene and use the information from the best frames to form a composite image. Sometimes pixels shits between frames and data gets lost.   

But Reno3 Pro’s Optical-flow sub-pixel registration calibrates pixels across frames to add more detail to the image. Then uses sub-pixel interpolation so that the composite image becomes a high-resolution image with more pixels and information.  

Clear photos have not always been possible at night-time or in dark areas. But you can forget low-lit and dark photos with Reno3 Pro’s Ultra Dark Mode. When enabled, it captures multiple frames of the same scenes and discards over or underexposed frames. Once frame selection is completed, the Reno3 Pro fuses frames AI brightening and AI-based noise reduction techniques. 

The rear camera setup is also perfectly poised to capture subjects that are far away with perfect clarity thanks to its 5X Hybrid Zoom and 20X Digital Zoom capabilities. While many smartphones tout zoom features, few manage to execute it well, with results ranging from dark blobs to grainy images. 

On the Reno3 Pro, “Clear in Every Shot” zoom is possible through Hybrid Zoom that uses a combination of three camera lenses – the wide-angle camera, primary camera and telephoto lens.  

The phone then uses a mix of automatic lens switching and a Fusion algorithm to deliver the best photo ranging from the wide-angle starting point of 0.6x and going all the way up to 20x.  

Telescope-like capabilities like these are seldom seen on smartphone cameras and make the Reno3 Pro an ideal device to capture moments at a football match, close-up of the sky or a scenic sunset.  

Dive into Reno3 Pro’s Front Camera System

OPPO has suped-up the front camera this time; to give users the complete smartphone camera package. With a dual setup consisting of a 44MP lens and a 2MP depth of field lens selfies on a smartphone have never looked better.  

Through a combination of excellent hardware and AI smarts, the Reno3 Pro elevates your photos, ensuring the best photo with every click. First, there’s AI Beauty Mode that can intelligently detect 377 facial landmark points and apply a variety of beautification effects, including make-up resulting in photos that always capture your best self.  

There’s also bokeh effects to play around with the 2MP depth of field lens can detect the distances between subjects and background items and make different degrees of Bokeh effect depending on that distance. The closer the object is to the character, the lower the degree of Bokeh effect, and the farther the background is from the figure, the higher the degree of Bokeh effect. 

Worrying about night-time selfies is a thing of the past with the Reno 3 Pro. Ultra Night Selfie Mode on the phone does most of the work for you much the Ultra Dark mode on rear cameras. 

The content possibilities are endless with the Reno3 Pro’s versatile setup. Whether you’re setting out on a trek, an off-road adventure or chasing dunes in the desert, the Reno3 Pro is all you need to take with you to capture your favourite moments. Once you’re done, you can edit your video and share it on your ideal platform with a few simple taps right on your Reno3 Pro. A real all-in-one vlogging setup. 

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