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Babies don’t need any help in the adorability department. But, if you’d like to be bold and risk taking that adorable factor up several notches, adding a costume is the answer. Masquerading is a seriously silly business and, as you’d imagine, there are many fun options designed to cloak your little one in characterized cuteness, from the food-inspired to the fantastic. To help narrow down the wonderfully whimsical choices, we’ve selected baby costumes that are perfectly suited to bring on the “awww”s.

Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Baby Lion Costume RenderSpooktacular Creations Deluxe Baby Lion Costume Render

Lion around:
Spooktacular Creations deluxe baby lion costume

Staff Pick

Take pride in your wild one with this loveable cub suit. That ferocious jungle feline spirit is captured but softened with the sweet, almost plush animal-like cuteness of this costume set. Little cats will be on the prowl in no time with this easy-on coverall design, complete with a curling tail and accessible snap-bottom closure (yes, please). But the main feature that makes this suit ultra-adorable is the lion headpiece; it has floppy ears and a full, ruffled mane. To top it all off, this all-in-one selection also includes grippy paw booties and a snuggly zebra plush. Though extremely cute, this costume is mindful of new little ones with gentle fabrics and a cozy head-to-toe design that is perfect for chilly weather.

$24 at Amazon

Rubies Star Wars Yoda Costume RenderRubies Star Wars Yoda Costume Render

Harness the force:
Rubie’s Star Wars Yoda costume

Some babies deserve dress-up that is fantastic as they are, and that means drawing on a faraway galaxy for inspiration. And no flick or novel does space better than Star Wars. The most notable galactic epic around, this film franchise boasts a bevy of notable costume-worthy characters from New Hope to the most recent film and television installments, but there’s only one Yoda. The Jedi Master is a beloved and recognizable being with short stature, long pointed ears, and a sweeping robe. Little ones will skillfully wield the force in this accurate Yoda-themed get-up, including a headpiece sporting his wrinkled brow and iconic ears as well as a billowy hooded garb. With a quick zip and Velcro stick, this costume is simple for even the most fidgety babies. The soft fabric and ample robe make bundling up easy, too!

$36 at Amazon

Orientalcherry Subway Sandwich Baby Costume RenderOrientalcherry Subway Sandwich Baby Costume Render

Wrap and go:
ORIENTALCHERRY Subway sandwich baby costume

Everyone loves a sandwich! Taking cues from that staple breaded cuisine, this costume transforms babies into a to-go meal from Subway. Best for little heroes that love a good swaddle, the simple design features a franchise logo blanket (cast in soft cotton) and a knit hat decked with diced felt veggies like a tomato and onion. Foodies and foodies-to-be will love this design for its savory style and simplicity.

$11 at Amazon

Simplee Baby Bunny Romper RenderSimplee Baby Bunny Romper Render

Just rabbit:
Simplee baby bunny coverall

When keeping it simple is best, opt for something snuggly. And this cozy cotton coverall makes the cut by more than just a hare. With a pair of floppy ears sweetly perched on its charming hood, this simple one-piece will keep baby comfortable while also fulfilling its cuteness quota. Crafted from a soft ribbed knit and finished with a full-body zipper, this rabbit coverall is a great decision for the best future bunny in the burrow. Choose from the array of color and size options available.

From $10 at Amazon

Tonwhar Monkey Bodysuit RenderTonwhar Monkey Bodysuit Render

Go bananas:
TONWHAR monkey coverall

Climby and mischievous babies need an outfit to match. And what better way to honor their impish behavior than with a monkey costume? Little ones will pull off a chimp-y charade with this adorable design. Featuring textural fur, contrasting fleece accents, and a curling tail, there’s no telling what trouble a baby monkey can get into. The costume is comprised of a warm, hooded coverall secured with a zipper. And it’s roomy enough to be worn over another outfit for warmth and is even machine washable. Several size options are available for the perfect fit. Additional styles from the animal kingdom are also available.

From $19 at Amazon

Rubies Baby Shark Costume RenderRubies Baby Shark Costume Render

Shark-y duds:
Rubie’s baby shark costume

The Baby Shark Song is an infectious ditty that continues to enamor little ones with its fun beat. Tiny shark enthusiasts ready to take a dip into the sea will love the colorful interpretation of the toothy fish. Crafted from warm fleece, this yellow-hued shark romper features fins, pointy teeth, and a tail (specifically designed to direct oceanic-inspired dancing). This costume even features a sound chip that plays that classic tune, so the music can be enjoyed whenever it’s worn. Available in a range of sizes, including infant and toddler, this under-the-sea selection is the perfect go-to.

From $16 at Amazon

Dress-up fun

Little ones looking to make an over-the-top cute statement can do so with a themed costume. From tiny animals to fantastical beings, there are plenty of great options to amplify the adorable. Our first choice lies in the animal kingdom. The Spooktacular Creations deluxe baby lion costume is an easy favorite because its detailed design accurately characterizes the feline, in a friendly way, that is. The cozy tail-accented coverall pairs with a catty headpiece with a full mane. There are even grippy paw booties and a zebra stuffed animal for a complete jungle vibe.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, the hooded Simplee baby bunny romper is an easy choice. Constructed from soft cotton, this long-eared rabbit-inspired one-piece is as cozy as it is sweet. The footless design even secures easily with a full-length zipper.

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