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Dremel rotary tool kits

One of the great things about rotary tools — often called Dremels after the biggest manufacturer — is the versatility they bring to almost any job. Whether you work in wood, metal, stone, or some other medium, a rotary tool can probably work with the medium. We have spent some time with different toolsets to bring you a selection for any job.

Workpro 276 KitWorkpro 276 Kit

Perfectly balanced:
WORKPRO 276-piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit

Staff Pick

If you are not sure what jobs you will need your rotary tool for, or you just want to have a good range of tool heads, then the Workpro is a great place to start. With 276 different pieces — a lot of that made up of different disposable heads — and a great budget price, this kit is perfect for beginners. It even comes with a universal collar to make sure it fits your brand of rotary tool.

$20 at Amazon

Cocea Sanding BitsCocea Sanding Bits

Oh Sandy:
Coceca 458pcs Sanding Drums

I use my rotary tool for sanding almost exclusively. It works perfectly on 3D printed models, and this set includes a massive choice of sizes and papers. You usually want to start with a low grit and work your way up, so having six different grits in one kit is incredibly helpful. The price is pretty good, too, for over 400 pieces.

$19 at Amazon

Longmate 348 KitLongmate 348 Kit

Massive storage:
Longmate 349 Piece rotary tool accessories kit

So, it turns out; this is the rotary tool kit I didn’t know I needed. With a whopping 349 different tools, including metal cutters, carbide etching tools, and even metal brushes, this kit has everything you need for every job you can think about. Another bonus is that every tool head is laid out carefully, and each part has its place in the handy carry case. Keeping this stuff organized can save hours of wasted time.

$P40 at Amazon

Se Rotary Tools WoodSe Rotary Tools Wood

A little class:
SE 228-Piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit

While this is a slightly smaller set than the one above, it’s the elegant look that really drew my eye. It has all the basics you need, though with less disposable parts like sanders and cutters, and comes in an elegant wooden box instead of a plastic one. If you like your workspace to look professional and classy, this is the set for you.

$24 at Amazon

Carbide Rotary ToolsCarbide Rotary Tools

For the metal head:
Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burr Set

One of my favorite uses for my rotary tool is etching patterns and writing into metal objects. It adds a truly unique look to any metal plate, and though it takes a steady hand, it can be accomplished by anyone with the right tools. These Tungsten carbide bits are perfect for doing metal work but also work well for stones like jade and marble, and even bone.

$20 at Amazon

Take these rotary tools kit for a spin

Have the right tool for the job you are trying to is paramount in any crafting. Having something like a Dremel or any other rotary tool with the correct tool heads will make all those small jobs you are trying to do easier, quicker, and make them look fantastic.

Our pick, the WORKPRO 276-piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit is the perfect blend of price and usability. With nearly 300 different tools, you’re sure to find the right bit for the job. And the plastic case is easy to store and keeps every bit where it should be.

Of course, if you decide to up your rotary tool game, then the massive 349 pieces Longmate rotary tool accessories kit is perfect. It contains just about every tool you can imagine, and it houses them in their very own toolbox with multiple compartments. It’s a little pricier than other choices, but you get a massive selection to play with for your money.

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